Fatal But Festive

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A hilarious, blood-chilling, romantic holiday-mystery!


Her house is no longer a crime-scene…

Now that all the bodies have been removed from her basement, the crime solved, and the ghosts helped to the other side, Kiley can finally settle into her Gothic fixer-upper. 


But she misses her nemesis-turned-lover…

Even though she stayed with Jack for the past few weeks, their relationship is too new to risk shacking up long-term. Besides, she values her space and her independence too much to give it up so soon. 


She has something to prove…

Moving back in alone is a statement. She is reclaiming her space from the dead. Not to mention from the living, namely the little group of ghostbusters who helped clear her house. Since then, the five of them have helped a few other people with spook issues, mostly imaginary ones. But the gang seems a little too eager to make her place into their ghost hunting Headquarters. 


She does not want her home to become Spook Central…

But the dead have other ideas. Especially the one who shows up on Kiley’s very first night back, bringing a heartbreaking, unsolved, five-year-old Christmas murder mystery to her doorstep. And she’s not leaving until Kiley and the gang solve it.

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