Custom Animated Designs!

Can I make a video for you?

Animated Facebook Headers: $99

Videos best viewed with sound on.

Bring your social to life with video animation! 
*One Animated Facebook Header 
*One Matching Twitter Header
*One Matching Facebook Ad Graphic

In addition to all of this, I'll also do one update to the entire package. So for example, if your initial design includes text like "Coming this December" I would change that to "On Sale Now" when your project releases at no extra charge.

Short Video Ads: $299

Regularly $399. Save $100 thru Halloween!

Videos best viewed with sound on.

I use video clips, stills, music, and your covers to create a 30-60 second commercial you can use on FB, Twitter and Insta for regular or boosted posts, or ads.

Book Trailer Videos: $499

Regularly $749. Save $250 thru Halloween!

Videos best viewed with sound on.

I use multiple clips, stills and music to create a 2 minute (or so) video blurb. Like a movie trailer, it can create excitement and anticipation in your audience.

*Still images, music and sound effects can cost extra.
The prices above are my fees for the creation of your project using graphics, sounds and clips I have already purchased of which there are many. We can fit your project into your budget, so let's talk and see what we can do for you!

Scroll down for more samples!

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Make your Facebook Page Stand Out!


Price includes Facebook header, Twitter header, and social graphic.
Samples Below
**Note: the black borders top and bottom do NOT show on your FB page. Regular video size is too tall to fit, so they have to be created in the size that fits in the space FB allows.

Click Play to see the headers in action!

First, I design a gorgeous header using any background image, cover art, fonts and wording you like. Then I use my movie-making software to add a green screen overlay that can make your header come alive with gently falling snow, shooting stars, butterflies fluttering by, dripping blood, spooky fog, even Santa walking by and many other options. Animation gives your page life, catches the eye, and makes people stop and take a look around. 

You'll also get one matching (non-animated) ad sized graphic, a matching (non-animated) twitter header, and one update to change the text used on the designs.

A great trailer can make your book go viral!


*Plus the actual cost of any graphics, green screen, video clips or sound. 
Contact Maggie today to talk about your options, budget, and schedule!

You get a wide and a square version of your video.

Crank the volume and watch the trailers below!

 Together, we'll come up with a plan for your trailer, hitting the high points and most powerful visuals in your book. We'll choose the music, which is crucial. You can be as involved as you want, or you can just give me guidelines and let me do all of that for you.

You'll receive both wide (below) and square versions of your video 
for optimal viewing on Instagram and mobile.

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​More trailers below!

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Facebook Ads That Work!

​Together, we'll design a 30-60 second video ad people will actually watch. 
You'll receive both wide (below) and square versions for optimal Instagram and mobile viewing



*Plus the actual cost of any graphics, green screen, video clips or sound. Contact me to discuss all your options!

Watch the sample ads below! Then...​

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For More Examples
Check out my YouTube Channel!

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