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A Book Every Two Weeks?!

Here it is, the great Wings in the Night rebirth! (Or should I say resurrection?)

TWILIGHT PHANTASIES is going live today (Tuesday, 28 June) worldwide. In two weeks, July 12th, TWILIGHT MEMORIES will follow. It's up for pre-order now. And even as we speak, Book 3, TWILIGHT ILLUSIONS is being readied to drop on July 26th.

Bonus Stories!

Every book in the series will include a never-before-published story plucked from Rhiannon's childhood. Young Rhiannon in the Temple of Isis will fill in the years between Rhiannikki, as she was called then, being sent away from her father's palace to be raised by the priestesses. Now we will get the inside story of why that happened and what our intrepid heroine did about it.

These stories will be connected, forming a larger tale, and they should come in between 10 and 20 pages each.

The Release Plan

My plan right now is to release one book every two weeks. This should give me time to write the short stories for each one, and to continue working on my other books in progress. (Brown and de Luca and Fatal series.) We'll be getting pre-orders up just as fast as humanly possible.

Watch the Site!

As soon as a cover is completed, it will be added to the Wings in the Night page, which is easy to find here on the site-- it's just As soon as pre-order links are hot, those will be added too. And of course, I'll continue my habit of posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. (And I'll try to do better on Insta. Promise.)

In Between

When I finish a new release in the Fatal Series, The Brown and de Luca Series, or anywhere else, we'll drop its release date into a week when there's not a Wings release. This huge Wings re-launch will not seriously impact my plans for new releases. We'll have a couple of weeks of complete Wings-immersion, but after that, I should be right back on schedule. For me, I can only produce so many original new pages of any given story at a time before I run out of juice. More hours in the day wouldn't help that. I actually tend to produce more when I'm busy than when I'm not, and this summer will probably be my busiest one ever.

So that's the plan!

Wish me luck. And hey, do a friend a favor--share Wings in the Night with the readers you know would love it. They'll love you for it!


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