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On Sale at last!

And already a bestseller!

The Mermaid Murder paperback, ebook, on an ocean backgroud with a distressed brunette mermaid in a blue tail

The Mermaid Murder dropped yesterday, and things are looking sweet. It has already hit several bestseller lists at Amazon including some I rarely crack, like Crime Thrillers and Psychological Thrillers, which I found, well, thrilling! It was a bestseller at BN yesterday and today, and is even ranking at Kobo. These are all very good things.

There's a juicy excerpt HERE if you want to read the opening chapter before you buy.

And all the buy links are right HERE

And the full series page with all 9 titles from both series (The Brown and de Luca Novels & Brown and de Luca Return) is HERE

Get 'em while they're hot!

And thank you to the advance reviewers who gave this book such a lovely birthday, and a special thanks to the pre-orderers! Your enthusiasm set the book up for success and it's deeply appreciated. Thanks to everyone who bought it on Day 1 and sent it climbing up the charts, and thanks in advance to those who buy it today and help to keep that momentum going!

I hope you enjoy the story!


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