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Kendra Kellogg's back in town.
Big Falls and Dax Russell will never be the same. 

Con-artist Kendra is back in small-town Big Falls for one reason only: to save her father's life. Jack is dead unless Kendra can get his kingpin captor what he wants. And what he wants is for Dax Russell, Kendra's ex-lover and the only mark she ever regretted conning, to take over his father's thoroughbred racetrack, Aurora Downs.

Dax is the sole heir to a legacy he doesn't want, from a hateful father who never showed love. All the other tracks in Aurora Springs NY belong to the State Racing Association. When there are no more relatives to inherit it, Aurora Downs becomes their property as well.

And that's fine with Dax.

Sadly, it's not fine with Kendra. If Dax refuses his inheritance it will spell her father's end. So she has to con the sweetest, sexiest man she's ever known. Again. And that means spending Thanksgiving with the most honest family in Oklahoma, including her twin sister Kiley, who can see right through her.


For Dax, Kendra’s return means a second chance with the only woman he’s ever loved. For Kendra, it’s a life and death game of deception. 

Fooling a man who knows her so well is a challenge. Trying not to fall in love with him is impossible.

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