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A RITA® AWARD NOMINATED time-travel romance that will warm your heart and stir your soul

A woman on a mission....

19th century widow, Emily Hawkins, is raising her sister’s orphaned children and trying to save their farm, the only home the two kids have ever known, from a greedy banker who wants more than just a mortgage payment. She has until fall to raise a crop, harvest it, sell it, and pay off the loan to get the lecherous man off her back.

 A man out of time...

21st century con man Jack McCain vowed never to work a day in his life. And he was smart enough, smooth enough, and charming enough, to make plenty of money without having having to. Right up until he conned the wrong people and wound up running for his life through the woods near his childhood home.

Brought together across ages...

In those very same woods, there’s said to be a magic wishing well that appears only when needed and only to those deserving of its powers. And somehow, when Jack dives for cover from the bullets flying after him, he lands in Emily’s time.

Is Emily the answer to Jack’s wish

OR is he the answer to hers?

Maggie's Entire
Collection of Novellas
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Novella-length print equivalent - about 100 pages | 2.99 each
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