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You can even REVERSE the following conditions without medication:

*Never stop your meds without consulting your doctor.
When they see your health improving 
they'll supervise as you wean off scripts

in a healthy, safe way*

  • Coronary artery disease

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • High A1-C (pre-diabetes)

  • High CRP and other inflammatory markers

You can also LOSE WEIGHT, increase energy, sleep better, feel better, look and feel younger.

Eating whole plant foods changes the expression of more than 500 genes for the better. 

With my plans, you will get:

  • A written eating plan via email, customized to your specific goals after our first conversation

  • Daily 1-on-1 inspiration, motivation, and information via email, text, and/or Messenger. I'll hold your hand the whole time.

  • I will do a personal review of your food diary if you wish. I'll go over every bite with you!

  • 1 year subscription to ($72 value.)

  • Access to the Eat Like You Give a Shit Facebook Group

  • If you start at age 60, you also get an average of 8 more years of life in thriving good health. (More if you start younger!)

When you finish your 10 or 21 days, you'll be equipped to carry your new habits forward, share them with your family, and live your healthiest list. 


My Credentials

I have earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition from eCornell, and am working toward a degree in nutrition at FLCC. I have been studying and practicing plant-based nutrition for three years. I have personally transformed my health and got off all my prescriptions. I reversed a 20-year heart arrhythmia (PSVT,) lowered my BP (it runs 117/65 now without meds,) ended chronic reflux that had me chomping Tums by handfuls, reversed pre-diabetes, lowered my cholesterol, and LOST 42 POUNDS all during a ten month period in my 61st year of life. And my knees don't hurt when I go running anymore.


Since then, I've helped several friends and neighbors transform their health to test and fine-tune my approach and methods... and they work!


I am offering 10 day and 21 day life-altering programs. 


You will have to register with a user name and pw to check out.
Or if it's easier, just email me:

Here's an email link

Plant-Based Transformation Coaching

  • Plant-Based Coaching 10-Day Plan

    10 Day Plan
    Valid for 10 days
    • Plant-Based Coaching
  • Plant-Based Coaching 21-Day Plan

    Reclaim your health at any age!
    Valid for 21 days
    • Plant-Based Coaching 21 Day Plan
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