The FATAL Series

Rom-com ghost mysteries with a Scooby gang you'll want to join.

Fatal Series

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It's the worst day of his life...

Johnny’s would-be girlfriend has called it quits, his newfound grandfather has pulled a vanishing act, and his odd connection to the dying has mutated into something else, something he doesn’t understand. So  was already having a lousy week when a kid came tearing out of the woods like the devil was chasing him and right into the path of his truck. 

Teenage Ryan isn’t too badly hurt, but it turns out the seventeen-year-old has a serious ghost problem. He’s convinced no one would believe him or be able to help him even if they did. But that was before he met Johnny and the gang at Spook Central.

Johnny takes Ryan and his gorgeous older sister Breia to his friend Kiley's no-longer-haunted Victorian money pit, which has also become ghost hunting headquarters. But Kiley’s not so sure the house is phantom-free. She’s heard a woman’s smoke-and-whiskey voiced laughter haunting the halls. 

Maya, the gang's resident witch and the most mesmerizing woman Johnny's ever met, sets wards around the place to keep Ryan’s ghosts away. Johnny sets wards around his heart to keep himself in the friend-zone where Maya has put him. Her reasons are very practical and entirely ridiculous since he's pretty sure their fates are entwined. 

Soon, they must fight to protect a young boy from the most powerful and determined pair of ghosts they've ever encountered, who are wiling and able to kill if that's what it takes to get what they want. And what they want is Ryan.

Johnny and Maya and the rest of the gang are the only ones who can save him. The question is, can they stay alive doing it?



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She does not believe in ghosts…

Kiley’s made a name for herself with her column debunking new age fortune tellers, mediums, and psychics. Her small New Englandish town is known for its hauntings, so the charletans abound. 


Her nemesis eludes her…

Jack McCain is the one she’s never been able to trip up. He’s the smoothest con of them all with his good looks, quick wit, natural charm. She even enjoys the game they’re playing, her trying to trick him, him always a step ahead of her. They’ve become best enemies.


But something’s wrong…

Now something’s going on with her house, a big old Gothic she bought for a song. It began with a death threat written in blood.


At first she figures it’s one of the phonies she’s exposed, out for revenge, but before long she has to admit there’s something otherworldly happening. And she can’t handle it on her own. 


She needs help. She needs a medium who’s the real deal. She needs Jack McCain.


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A hilarious, blood-chilling, romantic holiday-mystery!

Her house is no longer a crime-scene…

Now that all the bodies have been removed from her basement, the crime solved, and the ghosts helped to the other side, Kiley can finally settle into her Gothic fixer-upper. 


But she misses her nemesis-turned-lover…

Even though she stayed with Jack for the past few weeks, their relationship is too new to risk shacking up long-term. Besides, she values her space and her independence too much to give it up so soon. 


She has something to prove…

Moving back in alone is a statement. She is reclaiming her space from the dead. Not to mention from the living, namely the little group of ghostbusters who helped clear her house. Since then, the five of them have helped a few other people with spook issues, mostly imaginary ones. But the gang seems a little too eager to make her place into their ghost hunting Headquarters. 


She does not want her home to become Spook Central…

But the dead have other ideas. Especially the one who shows up on Kiley’s very first night back, bringing a heartbreaking, unsolved, five-year-old Christmas murder mystery to her doorstep. And she’s not leaving until Kiley and the gang solve it.



Coming January 31, 2023

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A hilarious, blood-chilling, rom-com ghost mystery!

His ex what, now?

Jack’s ex shows up out of the blue to ask for help with her dearly departed husband—who might not be so departed. Kiley—who didn’t even know Jack had an ex, is determined to take the case from the rich widow, who is offering big bucks. 


Tropical getaway...with ghost

A weekend in paradise on a private island seems like a fun break to Maya, except that both Johnny, the guy she’s stuck on, and Joe, the guy she’s pretending to be stuck on, are coming too. She has no idea how she'll keep up the ruse of being into Joe when she can barely keep her eyes or hands off Johnny!

There's strength in numbers...

So the gang head to the mansion of the widow, where nothing is as it seems, and soon, they are cut off from civilization with no boat, no phone, and no help on the way. And the ghost is the least of their worries.


It can always get worse...

A tropical storm bears down on an island lousy with cultish killers who’ll do anything to get what they want--namely, immortality. And that includes sacrificing a few pesky ghost hunters who are standing in their way.


More to come!