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After Dawn

"The most chilling villain I've ever read!"
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The titles of these books has not changed, but we have combined two trilogies known as the Mordecai Young series and Secrets in Shadow Falls, into one six-book series, Danger After Dawn.

Unputdownable Romantic Thrillers

A tasty, tension-packed read!
–Publishers Weekly

Thicker Than Water.jpg

Charismatic cult leader Mordecai Young was brought down in a government raid on the Young Believers compound sixteen years ago. So were most of his teenage followers. But not all of them. Jewel and Lizzie were making their escape with Lizzie’s baby girl when the compound caught fire. Lizzie was hit in the crossfire, and begged Jewel to save her baby, fathered by the cult leader.


Sixteen years later, Jewel has transformed herself. She is respected Syracuse news Anchor Julie Jones and lives on a crystal blue Lake with her sixteen-year-old daughter Dawn. Only one person alive knows their true history—a senator’s brother who who is using it to blackmail her—until he turns up murdered.


Sean MacKenzie is an irreverent radio shock jock who just landed the co-anchor chair opposite his best enemy, Julie Jones. Viewers love the sparks that fly between them on-air. Behind the scenes, those sparks are even more volatile. But Sean knows Julie is keeping secrets about the murder of the senator’s brother. She was there, is acting nervous as hell, and if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s uncovering secrets.


But Mordecai didn’t die in that fire, despite that Jewel stepped over his broken body with his child in her arms and left him to burn as she made her escape. But he survived, and now he’s back with a vengeance, determined to claim his daughter and punish those who betrayed him, beginning with Julie Jones.

"A permanent spot on my keeper shelf!"
–#1 NY Times Bestseller KAREN ROBARDS

Colder Than Ice.jpg

In 1987 young ATF agent Joshua Kendall was part of a raid on the Young Believers cultish compound. His bullet killed an innocent girl, and his guilt has destroyed everything good in his life ever since. 


But he’s about to learn that the most shattering incident of his life was a lie.


Lizzie survived that raid, barely. Now (2004) she lives in rural Vermont, still hiding from the cult leader who has eluded capture all these years. She goes by Beth Slocum and she’s tired of looking over her shoulder, and wishes if he were coming for her, Mordecai would get it over with.


Josh is sent to protect Beth and recognizes her as soon as he looks into her eyes. He’d been told she was dead—and it has colored every second of his life since. But she’s alive. 


Now his job is to keep her that way, and that means lying to her about who he is. If she knew, she’d send him packing. When attraction builds into desire between then, he knows he has to tell her the truth, but before he has the chance, Mordecai’s  obsessive madness rains destruction on everyone Beth loves. He is determined to bring her to her knees. He wants her gutted before he she dies. 


Like a silver screen cliché, Beth is falling in love with her bodyguard, but she knows he’s keeping secrets. What’s between them, however, will have to wait until they’ve dealt with a madman who believes he’s on a mission from God to destroy her utterly.

"Page-turning thrills!"
–#1 NY Times Bestseller KAREN ROBARDS

Darker Than Midnight.jpg

Michael “River” Corbett 

Has been in a locked psych unit and heavily drugged since the murder of his pregnant wife. He can’t remember what truly happened that night, only waking on the ground outside his burning house, his clothes reeking of gas, an empty can beside him. Found not guilty by reason of insanity, he’s been locked up ever since. But now someone is trying to kill him, so he has to break out of the mental ward. 

A hunted fugitive, all River wants is the truth.


Cassandra “Jax” Jackson

She knows she’s putting her career on the line when she encounters this desperate stranger hiding out in the house that came with her new job, and doesn't turn him in.But there’s something in River's that convinces her to believe him. As the incoming police chief of Blackberry Vermont, she has a pretty conflict of interest. But when she looks at River, she doesn’t see a crazed killer on the run; she sees a fellow cop in trouble, and for the life of her, she can’t stop herself from helping him. 


Dawn Jones

The daughter of criminally insane cult leader Mordecai Young, Jax's young friend is haunted by voices she doesn't want to hear and apparitions she doesn’t want to see. But she can no longer ignore the “gift” her twisted father passed to her before he died—because unless she listens to what the dead are telling her, Jax might be doomed to join them.

"Shayne is a storytelling force to be reckoned with!"


The Nightcap Strangler…

He terrorized a small Vermont town 16 years ago and recently died in prison. Not a single murder in all that time. Until now. Rookie cop Bryan Kendal’s lover is dead in his bed. Strangled. Nightcap’s signature shot glass on the nightstand.

On the opposite coast…

Bryan’s high school girlfriend Dawn knows she’s the only one who can help him. But it will mean facing Bryan for the first time, five years after running away without a word. Worse, it’ll mean facing the demons that chased her across the country to begin with. 


He might never forgive her…

But he has accept her help when the victims start to pile up, and they both know they’re the only ones who can stop it. And they can only do it together. 


The killer knows it, too. He also knows Dawn is just his type. The kind of girl he’d like to share a nightcap with.

“Maggie Shayne is a reader’s joy.
A remarkable talent.”
–NY Times
bestselling author Teresa Medeiros


The Joyride

Two teenage boys in a borrowed car find a dead man along the roadside… who turns out to be not so dead. 


The Body

The man has been shot in the back of the head, but the steel plate in his skull saved his life. He has no ID and no memory. But in his pocket is Professor Olivia Dupree’s card, with her home address and private number hand written on the back. 


The Mysterious Stranger

Olivia has secrets that could get her killed. It makes her nervous that the reclusive author she invited to be the guest speaker at a private fund raiser, was apparently the target of a professional hit. But that has to be who he is. Aaron Westhaven, the author she’s read so much, he feels like a friend. The card she’s shown is the one she sent him, the handwriting on the back, her own. He was due to arrive the same day the stranger was found. 


The Assassin 

An attempt on Olivia’s life proves there is some connection between the dangerous past she’s been hiding from for 16 years, and the people who want Aaron dead. The author himself is sexy as hell, and way tougher than she expected. He knows way more than a hermitic writer should about combat, weapons, and evading authorities. 


Is it him?

She begins to suspect Aaron isn’t Aaron at all, but a killer sent after her by an old enemy from her past. It’s a shame that by then, she’s already fallen for him.  

“Maggie Shayne is a reader’s joy.
A remarkable talent.”
–NY Times
bestselling author Teresa Medeiros


Secrets don’t stay secret…

Carrie Overton’s personal miracle came on the side of a deserted country road sixteen years ago. On her way to her new life, she helped a young woman deliver to a baby boy. But the women vanished, leaving the baby behind, and was not seen again until she was found murdered.


But the dead don’t stay buried…

Sixteen years later, the secret Carrie has kept all this time returns to haunt her. The teenagers of Shadow Falls are being preyed upon, taken one by one, and she can’t help but believe it’s all tangled up with her son’s birth mother and her tragic, violent end.


You should never trust a stranger…

There’s a handsome stranger in town who’s getting too close and asking too many questions. Carrie doesn’t trust him, sensing that he’s keeping secrets of his own. Secrets she’s going to have to uncover if she wants to protect the life she has built and keep her son safe from a killer.

There's a short post script to this series called KISS ME GOODBYE
It can only be read on Harlequin's website.
You do have to register for the site,
but it's free. 

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