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6 Sanity Hacks For the Home and Those Who Live There


1. Unplug


2. Move More


3. Neatness Counts


4. So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done!

I can't tell you how many times I'll be doing something, and will think to myself, “This would so much easier if I only had a ____.” Then I just go on with what I was doing and forget about it. Whether the item I was wishing for was a tiny stepladder so I can reach things in the kitchen, or a new knob for the cabinet in the bathroom, a wastepaper bag for the car, or a few more leftover containers, if it would make life easier it's worth a few extra seconds. When this happens to me now, I stop what I'm doing and jot it down, and then I make a point to purchase the item on my very next shopping trip. (Or run straight to the computer to order it online immediately.) It's usually simple, inexpensive things. A new drain strainer, or a saucepan to replace the one with the missing handle, a lamp for a dark corner. Simple, cheap items. I have lists posted in my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, with pens kept nearby so I can easily stop what I'm doing and write things down as they occur to me. Then I gather up all the lists when I'm heading out and try to fill them.

5. De-Clutter Your House, De-Clutter Your Mind


Getting rid of clutter opens up the flow of energy into and around your home. You cannot bring good energy in if the place is overflowing with old, useless, musty energy. And everything is energy. So make way for the new by clearing out the old.

6. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Some jobs only need to be done once a month or less. For those, we mark them out ahead of time on the calendar and that way they don't get forgotten or neglected. Adding salt to the water filter system, giving the dogs their monthly heartworm prevention med, etc. If we schedule these regular things in and write them down down, they always get done.

7. BONUS HACK: Take some Me-Time


Feedback Time!

Okay, so which of my Sanity Hacks do you agree with? Disagree with? Use regularly? Plan to try? And what are your own tips for making life easier? Readers want to know!

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