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A Christmas Surprise!

Mommy for Christmas-red

So instead of just checking for typos and uploading as I've done with some of the my other backlist titles, I gave this one a total re-write. It's deeper now. Softer. Truer to the kind of story I think it was meant to be, the kind you watch on the Hallmark Channel during holiday movie marathons. Heartwarming and so deeply moving that you'll shed tears of joy as you read it.

Re-working this novel made me re-examine where it was coming from inside me. As my mother was dying, I was writing about a little boy who didn't have a mother. (That he knew of. In fact, he did have a mother, a drug addicted one who'd never wanted him.) But to Tyler's knowledge, he had no mother, and that's the only thing he wanted for Christmas. His dad, Jimmy Corona, was determined to find him one. A good girl, who'd love his little boy the way he deserved to be loved. He'd treat her like gold, he vowed. But he would never give his own heart again. Jimmy's own mom died of cancer. He nursed her through her illness at the age of 11.

In hindsight, I think my journey in this novel was about really examining the good mother young Tyler wanted, the bad mother he had, the mother his own dad had loved and lost, just every angle of mothers and their children. Of losing them, and of finding them, and of life and death. It's also about the truly wondrous magic of Christmas, which my mom always believed in (and so do I) and the ultimate healing power of love.

I think I had to write my way through mom's illness, but at the time, even though I was trying, I was skating across the surface. This time, I dove down into the depths, seeing things much more clearly through the goggles of 8 years' time.

This is the kind of story I love best at holiday time. I hope you'll enjoy it too.

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