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A Journey Through the Dark

How are you all doing?

Here on our little 5-acre farm we call Serenity, it feels quieter. The energy seems to have shifted somehow. I can almost feel the slowdown in the air.

There are many good things happening because of this. (Bad things always inspire the creation of a whole raft of good things.) Our telehealth system was years away from being ready to implement because of disagreements about every semi-colon. Was. But then the virus happened and lo and behold, it went live this week. And it's not going away once the virus does.

Medical, scientific, and technological advances are taking quantum leaps forward right now. After Corona, we are going to be light years ahead of where we were before Corona in all those areas and myriad others.

The environment is rebounding after only a few weeks of humankind slowing down. Seeing how fast the earth can heal when given the chance will feed into our understanding of the planet and how to protect her.

Human beings are reaching out to each other, too. People are sewing face masks to help cancer patients who can't get them from their doctors and home care nurses anymore. Restaurants are making meals for laid-off workers in their neighborhoods. Wealthy entrepreneurs are donating protective gear to multiple nations. There are dozens of examples of kindness out there.

We will get through this. How we get through it will depend on us, though. We have to stay home, away from others, wash our hands as frequently as Adrian Monk, binge watch some new series, take up a new hobby, get our minds off the darkness, and wait it out. 

Even if you live in a state that isn't asking you to take any precautions, take them anyway. Don't be part of the problem. Be part of the solution.

I know this is very serious, but giving in to despair and being miserable for the duration isn't going to make it any better. We have to find a way to be happy anyway. We do all we can to help, and we figure out how to be happy anyway. To find joy anyway. To live a fulfilling, enriched, positive life anyway. Because otherwise, what's the point?

Following guidelines will make it better. Staying positive will make it FAR better. Helping each other will make it WAY better. Hope and connection to our inner beings will make it ALL better. 

Just remember, this will pass. Life will be normal again, although I expect it to be a new kind of normal. A better kind. Because as bad as things ever get, the good on the other side of them is always even greater. Even bigger. Even more. We are evolving into more aware, empathic, connected, experienced, caring, loving, intelligent, expanded society. That's what hard times do. They force us to become the very best we can be. 


ON SALE JULY 7th, 2020

The series, THE IMMORTALS is getting a makeover and a new title. Well, an old title made new.

The old “Immortality” was an 80-page novella I wrote at the publisher's request.

The new IMMORTALITY will be a 300 page novel, as deep, richly textured, and epic as the other 3 novels.

You can pre-order now in all ebook formats.

It will release in hard cover and paperback as well as ebook this summer.

Paperback and hardcover editions of the entire series with the brand new cover art are coming soon.

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