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Choose to Believe in Something

Make Your Life Better Right Now by Deciding To Believe

*This is not a religious post.

Continuing now with the theme of ideas that will absolutely improve our lives the minute we adopt them and put them into practice, I want to talk about belief. There is nothing in our lives that influences them more than what we believe; what we believe about ourselves, what we believe about what we're capable of, what we believe about why we're here, what we believe about what and who we are and what we believe about what happens when we move on.

Belief is a Choice

First, let me submit this. Belief is a choice. There is no one who has any proof about why we're here or what happens when we die. We get to decide for ourselves what we believe about those things. The answers that resonate with you will be obvious the first time you see them. You'll feel like you knew them all along. Like you were born knowing them. The questions I love most are questions like, what came before the Big Bang? What happens on the other side of a black hole? What is mankind going to look like in 100,000 years? What is our purpose? Where are we going? And the biggest ones for me, what is it like on the other side? What is God? What, really, are we?

Choosing to believe that life is a random result of chemical reactions over time without meaning or purpose is a perfectly valid choice. But it's a sad choice, if you ask me. It offers no hope, no depth, no comfort. It makes losing a loved one almost unbearable. And it's not necessary to choose to live that way.

One of the secrets to a happy life, is to make all your decisions based on what feels best to you. Your emotions are your inner GPS system. When something feels bad, your GPS is telling you you've made a wrong turn. When something feels good, your GPS is telling you you're on the right track. So I choose to believe, because it feels better to me to believe, than not to believe.

I'm not talking about religion

I'm talking about one's own personal beliefs. Spirituality, not religion. One of the most fulfilling things a human can do is begin to explore and examine and mull about what it is that they believe. If you don't know exactly what you believe in, why not start deciding right now?

Here are some of the things that I believe

  1. I believe that, just like our cells are parts of our bodies, each one of us is a cell that is part of a larger Whole. That in fact, all that exists is one massive being.

  2. I believe that every single experience in life makes the Whole grow and expand in knowledge and understanding and pushes evolution forward. And therefore, no experience is truly “bad.” And no life is wasted, ever, no matter what.

  3. I believe that no one ever dies before their time, that we cross over when it's the perfect time for our soul's well being, and that no death is ever untimely or tragic.

  4. I believe that the larger part of me is not inside my body, but remains in spirit form, and is vast, expanded, and also that it is connected to and a part of that which we call Divine. A small part of that vast spirit is contained within my physical body, and yet remains ever connected to the rest.

  5. I believe that part of me is immortal, and lives on, lifetime after lifetime.

  6. I believe that the reality we experience here in the physical world is an illusion, a projection of our creative minds and of our beliefs and expectations, and therefore, I can influence this reality by taking control of what I believe and expect.

  7. I believe that human beings are powerful creators and that there is nothing we cannot do, be, or have.

  8. I believe that everything I am and everything I do, every thought I think and every intention I hold, creates an aura around me that is the signal I'm transmitting. I can only pull in experiences that match the signal I'm sending. I try to transmit only love and joy. And so that's what I experience in my life.

  9. I believe that hard times come for one reason and one reason only; to push us into making the changes that will solve them. And once we've done that, we've improved this world for us and for everyone else. Our challenges bring us the most growth, the most joy on the other side of them, and they even bring improvement to the world. When one of us survives a crisis and triumphs, all of us benefit. Our challenges are the greatest gifts of all.

  10. I believe that these powerful truths, in the precise way I see them, are only true for me. No one else understands things exactly the way I do from my unique perspective. Everyone's truth is just as valid and unique to them as mine is to me. Trying to make someone see things the way I do is not only a waste of time and the height of arrogance, it's also impossible. None of us will ever see things in exactly the same way as anyone else, because we're looking from a different perspective and we are all unique beings.

Those are a few of the things I have chosen to believe. And because I believe them, I am constantly seeing evidence of their truth in my life. (Because what you believe creates itself.)

I honestly think the most life improving thing any of us can do, is to choose to believe, and then spend time mulling on exactly what it is we believe and why, and how believing it will make our lives better and better.

Belief is crucial to happiness. At least it is for me.

So tell me…what do YOU believe?

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