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Embrace, the Movie

Embrace the Twilight is being made into a movie by independent producer Carlos Dunn's Vampires2 FILMS.

Filming on the project begins in June 2017 and actress Jovani Rampersad has been signed to play the lead, Gypsy vampiress Sarafina. We are only days away from announcing the actor who will play the male lead, Willem Stone.

Carlos Dunn has produced several indie films and he is the most amazing man to work with. He's keeping me completely informed every step of the way. I've seen storyboards, potential actors, discussed locations and more. This experience is going down as one of my all time favorites. We'll have more information right here and I'll try to keep you all as much in the loop as Carlos is keeping me. So watch this spot!


Official Announcement: Carlos Dunn & Jovani Rampersad

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