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Yes, you can watch it now.

EMBRACE THE TWILIGHT was the last film that moviemaker Carlos Dunn ever made and that honors me. The film was straight from his heart. His love for my vampire novels touched me deeply. We bonded during the creation of the film.

Carlos passed away during post-production and broke our hearts. His friends and colleagues at Ghost Walk Studios carried the project forward in Carlos' honor. Talk about an act of love.

It's a low-budget, indie film–which means the actors and crew put their hearts and souls into it. There are funny moments, scary moments, touching moments, and moments of greatness. Mostly there is love. The whole movie is just brimming with it. The actors' love for their craft, the crew's love for their work…and Carlos' love for storytelling, for filmmaking, for vampire fiction, for my story. Wow. What a gift this has been to me.

I am watching the film over and over and basking in that love and in my all too brief friendship with Carlos. Ah, but not brief really. He still is. Death is an illusion.

I offer my sincere thanks yet again to actors Theresa Bryon and Logan Shepherd for bringing Sarafina and Will to life, and also, my heartfelt appreciation goes out to Aja Nicole who took on the role of my legendary vampiress, Rhiannon, and nailed it. And to Chris Hahn, who played the villain Frank Stiles, I just love you, man. My love goes out to all the cast, Bridget Messaros, Jason Klingensmith, Angela Duggins, Cody Kilpatrick Steele, Angel Reed, Debbie Scaletta, Tyler Gallant and everyone whose name I couldn't find. I love every last one of you. And to Victoria and Tony Vardon — you are awesome. (And Tony, your art was better!) And to Rocky Karlage, Thank you!

This film was a project of the heart, an act of love from start to finish. It was about more than making a movie. There was a magic that was all entwined around my novel falling into Carlos' hands. Making this story into a film was Carlos' going-away gift to everyone who was involved. I think the actors will take their experience with them throughout their careers. And it was a precious gift to me, too.

Thanks, Carlos. I'm so glad I had the chance to know you. And I'm so glad to experience your vision of my story.

All of the above is in my review, which should go live on Amazon in few days, with my love.

Here is the link to the film at Amazon.

Here is my complete WINGS IN THE NIGHT SERIES

And the ongoing saga WINGS IN THE NIGHT: REBORN

Carlos Dunn, Filmmaker

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