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Everything New Again

This our end of summer update, posted August 1st.

Return to GooglePlay

We are gradually, title by title, making our books available on GooglePlay Books. This will take some time, and we'll be doing it series by series starting with Shattered Sisters and By Magic.

By Magic Series

I've completed updates, polishing and in some cases major rewrites on several titles to create the new and beautifully packaged By Magic series.

  1. BY MAGIC BEGUILED (formerly titled Fairytale) is a fantasy romance about Brigit, a half-fay, half human art forger who has no idea what she really is, or what destiny has in store for her.

  2. BY MAGIC ENCHANTED (formerly titled Forever Enchanted) is the story of Bridin, whose only hope for salvation rests with her best enemy.

  3. BY MAGIC BORN (formerly titled Annie's Hero) tells the tale of a heroic husband who dies to save a school bus full of innocent children and winds up drafted into a mystical army of heroes, and sent back to the mortal world to protect his own unborn baby from the forces of darkness.

  4. BY MAGIC GRANTED (formerly A Fairy's Wish) is a delightful and whimsical short novel about a fairy who trades her magic and maybe her life, for a chance to live a few short days in the mortal world. It's a grown up take on The Little Mermaid.

All four are available now. Book 1 is FREE. Links and excerpts on the BY MAGIC page.

The Shattered Sisters Series

We loved our unique cover look for the Shattered Sisters. However, we were not getting the results we wanted, so we've given them a brand new look that is much more traditional romantic suspense.

The McIntyre Men Series

I am hard at work on Book 4, OKLAHOMA SUNSHINE, (Jason and Sunny's story) with an eye toward a late fall release. There will be one more story after that, featuring Kiley's sister Kendra, and our beloved Dax. This one is as yet untitled (because I need another “shine” word–Monkeyshine? Shoeshine?) And we're looking to release it by spring 2018.

In other McIntyre news, all 3 of the existing books are now in audio. And did you know if you buy the Kindle version, you can get the audiobook for $1.99? Make sure you're on the Kindle version of the book on Amazon, and look in that right column for the “Add Audible Narration” button.

Wings in the Night & Wings: Reborn

THE FIONA FILES serial is in progress now. Sign up for the newsletter to receive an episode each month of the year. You'll get immediate links to any you've missed. See sign up box above.

We are currently publishing a new Wings storyline, The Fiona Files, in our email updates newsletter as this year's free monthly serial. If you sign up late, you'll get links to every episode you've missed.

Meanwhile, independent filmmaker Carlos Dunn has begun filming EMBRACE THE TWILIGHT in Colima. I'm posting updates as they come in on Facebook, so you can follow along there. I'll do a blog post right here soon with all the photos and updates that I have.

Future Plans

Brown and de Luca & The Immortals

I know people have been impatiently waiting for another story in each of these series, and I really am dying to write them. I'm working as hard as I possibly can, and I promise, this will happen. But at this point, it looks like both of these will be coming in 2018.

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