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Just for Writers: Story Structure Masterclass

Here's what happened.

A writers group needed a workshop before the end of the year and asked me to do it over the two weeks that included Christmas and New Year's Eve. I created a quick backdrop which I admit isn't very good, and delivered my Three-Act-Structure Masterclass in front of a camera, using the movie Ghostbusters (not included in the workshop) to illustrate the key turning points you need to create a blockbuster story.

This is a workshop I've given many times in person, often using a different film which we usually watch together as a group, stopping at the key points. I've done it with this film, with Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and with Romancing the Stone. I think I've managed to adapt that workshop perfectly to this format. Obviously I can't include the film. But I do recommend you watch the movie before, during, or after the workshop to get the most out of it.

There are two handouts, as well, a blank grid for plotting your story, and a second grid filled with tips for what goes where.

The workshop is 90-minutes long. There's a 1 minute trailer to give you a notion of what you'll be getting for your $25.

I enjoyed putting this together so much that I plan to put a lot of the workshops I've given over the years onto video to offer them here.

Also, I'm taking requests for new ones! Tell me what writing related workshop you'd like to see in the Comments section.

The workshop video is on the front page of this site, just click the button below and scroll down a little bit.


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