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Living Indie-pendently

Since leaving traditional publishing, I've been busier than the proverbial long-tailed cat in the roomful of rocking chairs. But we have a lot going on. So let me fill you in.

*We have just received word that all rights to the entire Texas Brand series and the entire Oklahoma All Girl Brands series are about to revert to me. This was a generous gift to me from Harlequin. They didn't have to give them up for several more years. I'll always be grateful. We really have had a wonderful working relationship. If there's any lesson at all in this, it ought to be that you can disagree, you can even part ways, but you can do so from a place of mutual respect and maintain friendships.

What this means for all of you is that the entire series will be spiffed up, repackaged, some of the books re-titled (The Husband She Couldn't Remember for sure!) and re-released over the next few months or so, with prices that will make it irresistible to readers, new and old. What it means for me, is that I can afford to continue pursuing my independent career.

*As we speak we're spiffing up some of the classics, revisiting the covers of Miranda's Viking, Forgotten Vows, making minor changes to the covers of Dr. Duffy's Close Encounter and Annie's Hero, and repackaging the Fairies of Rush Duet in a two-in-one volume titled Once Upon a Time (shown above.) Each of these are in progress now.

*In September, we'll be releasing my very first full length indie novel, TWILIGHT GUARDIANS. (We changed the title after polling the readers.) The book is nearly finished. We have a cover art photo shoot slated for Wednesday June 25th, no matter what. (We already had to postpone it twice.) There will be a pre-order link, with a special pre-order price, and there will also be review copies available via Netgalley, just as soon as we can get them there.

*In October, the first of my final two titles for Harlequin MIRA, Brown & De Luca #4, INNOCENT PREY, goes on sale.

*In November, I hope hope hope, we'll be ready to release a special Brand holiday novel, SWEET VIDALIA BRAND.

*In December, my final MIRA book hits the shelves, Brown & De Luca #5, DEADLY OBSESSION

My plate is very full, but I'm having fun with every minute of it. Beyond these few things, I can only say that my plan is to keep writing Wings in the Night books, keep writing Brown & De Luca books, and to write sequels to several other series of mine, including the Immortal High Witches, The Fairies of Rush, and Gingerbread Man as my schedule permits. There might even be more Brands.

If there are special requests, let me know. I would love to hear from you. It's you readers who are giving me the best input and the best ideas right now. So stay in touch. You're very important to me. Hell, you're why I do what I do.

And if you haven't signed up for the newsletter, you should. It's not at all pesky or spammy. I only send it out when there's something free or super cheap or a contest to enter with fabulous expensive prizes. So you should sign up. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Sign up form is on the left.)

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