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Mornings with Maggie LIVE


Join Me LIVE on Facebook with Youtube replays!

Introducing MORNINGS WITH MAGGIE on Facebook Live Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. eastern time. Here's the lineup

  1. Mondays: Storytellers Masterclass where I'll be giving talks and lectures, tips and tricks for writers.

  2. Wednesdays: LOA Masterclass where I'll be discussing the powerful Law of Attraction and sharing ways we can all use it to improve our lives.

  3. Fridays: Booktalk where each week I”ll have a back-and-forth chat with you, my readers, about one of my books or series.

This morning we talked about the Brown & de Luca novels. Next Friday our Booktalk will be about Wings in the Night and Wings in the Night: Reborn.

Monday our Storytellers Masterclass will focus on the importance of romantic conflict in the romance genre, and how to create it.

Here's How to Join in the Discussion LIVE

Go to my Facebook Page and click the LIKE button. A dropdown menu will appear, and you can click SEE FIRST and make sure the LIVE VIDEOS has a checkmark beside it.

During the time I'm LIVE you can also tick the FOLLOW button on screen.

Post in comments while I'm speaking, and I'll try to respond live on the air.

Here's How to Catch the Replays

Go to my Youtube Channel and click the SUBSCRIBE button. Now you'll be notified whenever I upload a new video. All Friday “Booktalk” editions of Mornings with Maggie will be posted to Youtube in my “Mornings with Maggie” section.

On Facebook, click Videos to find my Mornings with Maggie posts. Friday “Booktalk” episodes will be there indefinitely. The Masterclass posts, however, will only be available for 1 week after their initial air date.

Next Week's Schedule

  1. Monday on Storytellers Masterclass: Creating powerful romantic conflict.

  2. Wednesday on LOA Masterclass: Making Your Life Better and Better.

  3. Friday on Booktalk: Wings in the Night & Wings: Reborn discussion.


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