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My Passion

Wings in the Night is the signature work of my lifetime. It is the series of books for which I want to be remembered.

The first novel I ever submitted to a publisher was Twilight Phantasies. It was rejected, with a note suggesting specific revisions and inviting me to resubmit. While I was doing that, a different novel, Reckless Angel, a romantic suspense novel was contracted to Silhouette Books. And when I resubmitted Twilight Phantasies, it was purchased too.

While Reckless Angel (Now “Reckless”) was published in Silhouette’’s long-running “Intimate Moments” line, Twilight Phantasies became part of Silhouette’s groundbreaking paranormal romance imprint, Silhouette Shadows.

Shadows was a line ahead of its time. Paranormal Romance hadn’t caught fire yet, and sadly, the line folded before it really had a chance to take off. Some of the best writers in the business wrote for Silhouette Shadows. Chelsea Quinn freaking Yarbro did a guest spot in an anthology! And there were other brilliant storytellers; Evelyn Vaughn, Anne Stuart, Rachel Lee, Jane Toombs, Marilyn Tracy, Lindsay Longford, Heather Graham, Barbara Faith, Carla Cassidy–if you don't know, these are some of the romance genre's goddesses. We were all yearning to write paranormal stories, we'd been flooded with ideas for them and had been told they were not marketable for years, so we dove into this line like runners when the starter-pistol goes off. We were so excited to have a place to publish these woo-woo books, as some started calling them. We had a blast!

That’s where Wings in the Night was born, with three books and a Novella at Silhouette Shadows. Twilight Phantasies, Twilight Memories, Twilight Illusions, and the novella Beyond Twilight which appeared in the first Silhouette Shadows Anthology

The design of the newest covers are a deliberate homage to that line. And yes, I ran it past Harlequin to make sure it wasn’t a problem. They not only okayed it, but loved the new look.

After Shadows folded, and my editor told me there would be no place to publish more vampire novels, I wrote Born in Twilight in eight weeks flat. I think the working title was “Twilight Forever” as in, don’t te