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New Offerings for You!

Everything in my life is expanding. Not changing. Just expanding. As a result I have several new things happening and I'm still kind of tweaking things but I want to bring you along for the ride. Below you'll find all I have going on for 1. My Readers 2. My Fellow Writers. 3. All Spiritual Seekers. Scroll down to the part that most interests you. I'll try to keep it brief but there's a lot, and to be honest, writing it all out for you here is going to help me put it all in order in my mind.

First of course there are…

The Books

My stories will always be first and foremost in my creative life.

Here's what's happening with the books:

  1. OKLAHOMA STARSHINE has a brand new cover you haven't seen yet. It is a Christmas story and will release Thanksgiving week. We are so excited about this series!

  2. Every Friday Morning at 10 a.m. Eastern time, I do a Facebook LIVE broadcast called Mornings with Maggie: Booktalk. Next friday, August 26th, we'll be discussing the McIntyre Men series, revealing the new cover of OKLAHOMA STARSHINE, releasing all the pre-order links for this holiday miracle story, and giving away a signed hardcover edition of OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE. To be sure you see this broadcast, CLICK HERE, then LIKE the page and pay attention to the dropdown menu beneath the LIKE button so you can tick SEE FIRST or VIDEOS to be sure you get notified anytime I go LIVE.

  3. We have secured the rights to Willie Nelson's version of Silent Night to back the OKLAHOMA STARSHINE video trailer which goes into production next month.

Up Next For Your Reading Pleasure

Honestly, I have so many plans for what's coming up next that I keep changing my mind about what comes first. Here are some of the things I intend to accomplish within the coming months, in no particular order.

  1. Rewrite and release the fourth book in THE IMMORTALS series.

  2. Rewrite, repackage, retool, and re-release THE FAIRIES OF RUSH including a third book in that series.

  3. Finish the rewrite of HUNTED, Book 4 of THE SHATTERED SISTERS series and release it.

  4. Rewrite and expand last year's McIntyre Men novella, CHRISTMAS BLUES and re-release as a stand alone title.

  5. Write a new, original Brown & de Luca Novel

  6. Finish the Brown & de Luca serial novella, polish and release in book form.

  7. Create a new sub series beginning with two novels, WINGS IN THE NIGHT: THE DPI FILES.

  8. Create another new sub series, WINGS IN THE NIGHT: THE SONS OF ABRAHAM, which will include four new novels.

If I've forgotten anything, please let me know.

Readers' Resources

For my readers I have:

MaggieShayne on Facebook (I broadcast all my Facebook LIVE videos from this page. It also notifies you of all my blog posts, book releases, and sponsors frequent contests and giveaways.)

Mornings with Maggie: BOOKTALK (Every Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern, I broadcast LIVE on Facebook and interact in real time with my readers about my books. These sometimes include giveaways.)

Maggie Shayne Readers Group on Facebook (Everything every member posts is seen by all the other members of this group, making it the perfect place for actual back and forth discussion.)

ALL Book Video Trailers and Booktalk Videos on Maggie's Youtube Channel (Watch my book trailers, some personal videos with the dogs, and all the Booktalk videos from Facebook Live are uploaded here after they air.)

Maggie's Email Updates List (6 free ebooks and access to all episodes of all serials so far published, early looks at cover art, exclusive excerpts, and frequent contests.)

Maggie's Bookbub Insiders List (Anytime I have a 99¢ or FREE book special in Bookbub, or a new release, Bookbub notifies everyone on this list.)

Follow Maggie on Amazon (Amazon will email you anytime anything new is up with my books, revised editions, new covers, new releases, price changes, etc.)

For Writers

I am undertaking a massive effort to help my fellow writers. I can see a desperate need out there for instruction from the trenches on the basics of great storytelling. Back in the day (it was a Wednesday) we wrote and wrote and wrote, and submitted and submitted and submitted, and got rejection after rejection after rejection. We took classes, attended workshops, joined critique groups, and honed our craft, and kept on writing. Eventually, we submitted and an editor accepted and a publisher published us.

Today, we write, polish, set up a KDP account and click “Upload.” We are missing the grueling gauntlet that made us into great writers before making us into published authors.

Most of what I'm seeing out there are tips of promotion, formatting, cover art, etc. I feel like there's a need for training on the basic skills of great storytelling.

I've been giving workshops on various writing topics for 23 years. So I thought, why not offer them to all the up and coming superstars out there, instead of just the RWA chapters within driving distance?

So I've got a couple of things going on.

Storytellers' Masterclass

Every Monday at 10 a.m. eastern standard time, I broadcast Mornings with Maggie: Storyteller's Masterclass on Facebook LIVE. Each broadcast is a mini-writing workshop, and each one remains accessible on my FACEBOOK PAGE for a week and a day. These broadcasts are absolutely free during that period of time.

“The Secret” For Storytellers

The Bliss Blog is where I talk about a more spiritually aware approach to creativity and business. I talk a lot about The Law of Attraction there, and about writing and indie publishing through the lens of LOA. My goal is to empower every one of us to create the lives and businesses of our dreams, and to help us deal with the pitfalls of being in this biz from a more enlightened perspective. Bliss Blog posts usually go up on Sundays, sometimes Mondays if my weekend is particularly fun.

The Bliss Blog also has its own Facebook Page and it's own Facebook Group called The Secret for Storytellers for more interactive back and forth discussion. I encourage you to bring your questions, challenges, frustrations and triumphs to any or all of these places to share.

Basics of Storytelling Classes

Later this year, I'll be releasing storytelling basics classes for purchase on the Bliss Blog site. The Facebook LIVE posts are the core material for these classes. I download them, do a lot of editing, add additional content, insert graphics, charts, information, sound effects, links, and add a document with notes and highlights and even some exercises.

Once I have these in a format I'm happy with, and work out the logistics of the rest of it, these workshops will be up for sale at a very reasonable price.

Resources for Writers

Mornings with Maggie, Storytellers' Masterclass on Facebook LIVE, Mondays at 10 a.m. EST

The Bliss Blog Email Updates List This is a separate, new newsletter for Bliss Blog people only. It's not active yet, we're just collecting subscribers for now.

Future Downloadable Writing Workshops

A Future Page on this site that will include links to all the best tools in my writing arsenal, books, apps, and services. Coming soon.

For Everyone Who Wants To Be Happier

Every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, I do a Facebook LIVE broadcast called Mornings with Maggie: LOA Masterclass. LOA stands for Law of Attraction. In these broadcasts I talk about the power we all have over our lives. Few of us are even aware of this power, and even fewer understand how to wield it. So I talk about that.

These talks have evolved into viewers asking questions about specific situations in their lives, and we've had three so far who followed the advice given, and saw the problem vanish almost immediately. That's such a joy to me.

These are unscripted, unplanned, free flow discussions and they are very powerful.

Each of the broadcasts remains on my Facebook Page for a week and a day, after which they come down to be edited, enhanced, produced, and added to what will later be a Law of Attraction Masterclass Workshop Series that will be available for purchase on the Bliss Blog.

Resources for Happiness Seekers

LOA Masterclass Broadcasts on Facebook LIVE.

The Bliss Blog for Blog Posts about Law of Attraction, many of which are geared toward writers and creative entrepreneurs, but which can be applied to anyone in any walk of life.

Future Downloadable Video Workshops on LOA

Magic and The Law of Attraction, A User's Guide, a non-fiction book explaining the commonality between natural magic and the law of attraction, why and how it works, and how you can use it to change your life.

Shayne on You, a compilation from my former advice column by the same name, filled with LOA based advice on numerous, common challenges and troubles.

*All links for both those titles are on the same page of this site, so that's where the links will take you.

That's it for now!

I'm maxing out what I'm capable of doing, but only because the producing of the Facebook LIVE broadcasts into suitable, purchasable workshops is a huge amount of work, which takes longer because I insist on writing my daily pages first. Once I feel I've said all I have to say, the writing workshops will be finished, and I'll be able to relax on that score.

The LOA broadcasts will likely go on and on, with each one staying up free for a while after the broadcast, and maybe some kind of subscription service for people who want to see them all on demand. We'll see how it goes.

I remain available to you in multiple places. You can email me at or message me via any of my Facebook Pages or groups, and you can get regular updates via this blog, the BlissBlog and the Email Updates List. I still read and answer all my own email, and will keep doing so until and unless it starts stealing time away from my writing.

Lots of love!


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