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New Reader Perks!

There's a lot going on here at Shayne-Central these days!

It's just so hard to keep up ongoing, back and forth discussions on the Facebook Fan Page when only a small percentage of fans see the posts, and you never know which ones will see which posts. A Readers Group seemed like the perfect answer. You can join by clicking the link above, in front of the number 1. I'm taking part every single day, and posting daily questions to get the conversation going. Chelle Olson of Literal Addiction is helping me moderate it. We'll be giving away prizes there, as well as on the fan page in the coming months. So just to be clear, our Facebook pages now include: Profile: Maggie Shayne Lewis (Friend me!) Fan Page: Maggie Shayne (Like me!) Fan Page: Wings in the Night (Like me!) Readers Group: Maggie Shayne Readers (Join me!)

This makes day in, day out interaction with my readers even easier!

2. The Rhiannon Chronicles

This serialized novel is going better than I ever could have hoped. Three episodes have been released so far, absolutely free to every reader who subscribes to my newsletter. I release an episode every two weeks at the most and readers are loving the story, as am I. And every new subscriber receives an immediate welcome note with links to every episode they've missed. This is win-win. By year's end I'll have enough for an entire book, and The Rhiannon Chronicles will be published, but in the meantime, you can read it as it's being written, in all its raw, straight from my brain glory. Just SIGN UP HERE.

3. Twitter Times Two

If you didn't know this, we have two Twitter accounts going: @MaggieShayne for me, and @VampRhiannon for you know who. She's not Tweeting much yet, but she'll get the hang of it soon.

4. EDGE OF DARKNESS, July 28th

This is huge. This anthology will be released by Berkley on July 28th, and it will include novellas from Christine Feehan, Lori Herter, and me. My tale, Dead By Twilight, is a Wings in the Night: Reborn novella I think you'll love. And there are already pre-order links up!



We not only have a cover for Twilight Vendetta, Devlin's story, but we have pre-order links in progress for that as well. This will be Wings in the Night: Reborn, Book 3 (Book 1 is Twilight Guardians, Book 2 is the above mentioned novella, Dead by Twilight.)

Amazon (in progress) BN (Pre-order link goes live May 10th) iTunes Kobo GooglePlay

5. Other Series News

I have not abandoned my other series! I love them too much. *Immediately after I finish writing Twilight Vendetta, work will begin on the next Brown & de Luca Novel, Little Girl Blue. *The second Little Girl Blue is finished, I'll begin a new spinoff of The Oklahoma Brands Series which I'm calling The McIntyre Men. My goal is to have the first of those up in time for the holidays, and to write the two sequels immediately after. *We're going to be doing some very serious photo shoots this spring with my Niblet, who plays Myrtle in the Brown and de Luca novels, with an eye toward creating a calendar and some other gear filled with Bulldog Beauty and Myrtle's Wisdom.

For right now, these series will be my focus: Wings in the Night: Reborn Brown and de Luca The McIntyre Men

But later, I would like to link together my fantasy worlds from ANNIE'S HERO, FAIRYTALE and FOREVER ENCHANTED with a fourth book that would tie them together, and I've never let go of the notion of another novel in the Immortal High Witch Series.

Do I sound busy? I am, but I'm also loving every second of it!

I hope you will too! So tell me, which of these projects has YOU the most excited?

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