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New Series Launching Soon!

The McIntrye Men

Book 1: Oklahoma Moonshine

The Hottest Billionaire Bachelor Cowboys in Town

About the Series

The McIntyre Men series is a spinoff of the Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, which was a spinoff of The Texas Brands. We first met the three McIntrye brothers, Jason, Robert and Joey, in BUCKLES, BOOTS & MISTLETOE when they rushed to Big Falls, Oklahoma to be with their terminally ill father, Bobby Joe. There they found their dad's new business, The Long Branch Saloon, his new love, who was actually his first love, Vidalia Brand, and the half sister they never knew they had, Selene. They also found a miracle. As Big Falls tends to do, it wrapped itself around them and refused to let go, so the three are still there. And so is their destiny.

Book 1, OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE is Robert's story. Robert's backstory is heartbreak and

disappointment. The woman he'd fallen for turned out to be married, a fact she didn't tell him until the day he proposed. Since then, he's been in Big Falls helping his brothers run their dad's saloon, and avoiding human contact with anyone other than family. Folks see him as the brooding one, the silent one. He'll never get involved with a dishonest woman again, that's for sure.

Kiley Capone changed her name so people wouldn't recognize her as the daughter of the conman who's currently serving two consecutive sentences for his crimes. He raised her until she was twelve, and she learned everything she needed to know about life and how to get by, from her dad. He was a good man and she adored him. Kiley has returned to Big Falls to buy back the ranch where she spent the best years of her life, with her twin sister and their dad. Her mom is buried there.

Kiley convinces Rob to partner up with her, because she doesn't have the cash to buy the place on her own, and at first, this notion seems brilliant to him. But pretty soon he starts seeing signs that, far from being the innocent, wide eyed aspiring rancher he'd taken her for, Kiley might just be the most conniving, manipulative female he's ever known. Sadly, by the time he realizes it, he's already started to fall for her.

Kiley's feelings are tripping her up. She knows better than to get attached to a man she's only using to get what she wants…but she's unfamiliar with the feelings that being with Rob bring out in her. He's not stupid, not focused entirely on sex like most men she's dealt with. He's kind. And he's smart. And he seems to be unable to keep his eyes off her, and yet he's not trying to get her into the sack.

Two broken people, trying to rebuild their lives, and fighting against a fate they don't realize is pre-ordained. They were put on this planet to find each other, to heal each other, and to love each other.

McIntyre Men Launch Calendar

  1. iTunes Pre-Order for OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE Begins April 1, 2016

  2. Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Pre-Order for OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE Begins May 1, 2016

  3. Video Trailer World Premier May 1st, 2016

  4. First Excerpt Goes Live June 1, 2016

  5. OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE Goes on sale at all outlets on July 5th, 2016Pre-order on iBooks

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