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New Summer Reads!

Spring is finally here, in rural Cortland County NY, although there's still snow in the woods, and this morning was a brisk 22 degrees with a heavy frost on the ground. I'm getting lots of letters from readers, who apparently, having seen my new non-fiction book all over the internet are in a panic about their favorite series. So clearly I needed to give you an update.

My Muse and Me….

I plan to write a Bliss Book featuring each of the elements, and call them something like Blissful Earth, Blissful Air, Blissful Fire, Blissful Water, and Blissful Spirit, probably one a year or less as they come to me. My notion is to fill them with lore and rituals to help readers empower themselves and their lives with the Law of Attraction combined with the power of natural magic.

But don't worry. I have big plans for many more novels, too!


For those asking for more Wings in the Night…

FIONA: ORIGINS will release on July 24th. Pre-order going up next week!


For those asking for more Brown & de Luca…

I had every intention of writing that first, before Fiona, but the muse disagreed. I tried and tried and tried, but the only time my writing was catching fire, was while working on the Fiona serial, and it just kept going. So Brown and de Luca had to step aside. I can only write what I'm receiving. I don't make this stuff up, I channel it. So, if my muse cooperates, Little Girl Blue will be next on my list after Fiona is done. I'll be working on both that new novel, and the novelization of the B&D serial The One Who Cried Wolf as soon as Fiona is complete. Which means, we're probably looking toward October for those to be released. And that's a tight, optimistic estimate.


For those asking for more McIntyres…

However, because I know you love small-town contemporary romance, and because fans of the McIntyres came onboard as fans of the Brands (same extended family) I've decided that this year's FREE serial story will be set on the Texas Brand ranch, and I'll be getting the first of those out to you in May.

If you're not all caught up with The Texas Brands, grab book 1, The Littlest Cowboy FREE in e.


For those asking for more By Magic and/or Immortals series…

But as you can see from the list above, I have my hands pretty full. And bear in mind that what takes me three months to write, and another month or two for editing, revising, copyediting, proofreading, packaging, and releasing, takes you a matter of hours to read. So keeping up with you would not be impossible, even if I spent my entire life writing all day every day.

So I'll do the best I can, writing as much as I can while still enjoying my time on planet earth, which is what I'm here for, after all. And without living life and experiencing all the world beyond my computer screen has to offer, i'd have no stories to write anyway. Experience is grist for the novelist's mill. Maybe more accurately, it's gas for the tank. We can't run on empty.

I love you guys a lot and I hope you're relishing life too!



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