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New Year, New Site

Welcome to the brand new and improved!

I've spent this entire week creating, designing, and building this website, with a page for every series and one for nearly every book, too. It has a Paperback Shop too. I've collected countless copies of my works over the years. I can't call them "new" because I've had them for so long, but they're not used, either. Most are out of print and unavailable. Many are collectible and rare. All are autographed to you personally from me!

And there's more to come. I hope you'll explore the site and enjoy it. If you're already subscribed to my email list you do not need to subscribe again here. (If you haven't signed up then please do!) However, you can also subscribe to the "site" if you like, which will get you notified when new blog posts go up and other things, too. I haven't yet discovered all its features.

Rachel and Fatal Plans

It's a brand new year and I have lots of big plans. Now that the site is up, with only small tweaks left and products to add to the shop, I am diving back into writing this coming week in a way I haven't done through most of 2021. New year, new energy! I'm working on the third book in the FATAL SERIES and the long overdue Brown and de Luca novel, SOMETHING BLOODY, SOMETHING BLUE is finally starting to come through. Rachel is talking to me as I fall asleep at night, so it's time to start taking notes and gearing up to re-enter her world.

I know it's hard right now

With Covid hitting peaks we haven't seen before, I understand times are hard. One of my grandchildren tested positive this past week and she's symptomatic and feels like hell, but she'll be okay because she got the vaccine. We lost a teacher to Covid this week in a local district. A nearby hospital has run so low on swabs for their rapid tests that they could no longer test staff today. It's crazy out there.

It's also moving on. I really do have high hopes that we are going to begin to emerge from this pandemic next month and on into the spring. I honestly believe it. So hang in there, knuckle down and buckle up, or better yet, curl up with a good book!

And I'll get busy seeing what else I can share with you through this very cool new site, and the shops and the blogs and the newsletters and the readings and the stories. Always with the stories.

Happy 2022, dear ones. May it be the best year of the 2020s so far!

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