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By the time we entered the car dealership I was humming Silent Night and smiling ear to ear. Christmas season makes me feel that way. I can't help it.

Inside, a man behind me in line, grouched most grouchily, “It's not even Thanksgiving yet!”


I also love the modern, commercial aspects of today's Christmas! The lights and decorations everywhere you look, the music and the jingle bells. The displays in every store. I love spending time thinking about and shopping for the perfect gifts for the people I love. I love making wish lists of my own! I love everything about Santa Claus, and I write him a long letter every single year. What's not to be joyous about?


So what do you think causes some people to be Scrooges? Aside from those who've suffered some heartbreaking loss and still associate the holidays with that, I think the rest of the “humbug crowd” are mostly just feeling the fear that comes from believing in lack. But that's just my theory. What's yours? What do you love about the winter holidays? What traditions are you looking forward to this year?


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