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Summer News!

Hello again readers! Welcome to the merry merry month of May. So far it's dreary, cold and wet, but we'll be grateful for all this rain later on.

2017 So Far….

Suspense: The Sisters

So far this year, I've managed to create, edit and release the final two books of the Shattered Sisters series. This romantic suspense series is making thriller readers happy, and as in most of my series, Book 1 is free.Shattered Sisters

Audiobooks: The McIntyre Men

We've also released the first two books of the McIntyre Men series in audiobook format on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. The best news about that is the pricing. Yes, they're priced crazily, $14.95 and $17.95 respectively, but you can get either of them for $1.99 if you buy the ebook. (And yes, the ebook for book 1 is FREE.)  So for under 2 bucks you can have OKLAHOMA CHRISTMAS BLUES in both ebook and audiobook, and for less than 6 bucks, you can have OKLAHOMA MOONSHINE in both formats as well.

Paranormals: Wings in the Night REBORN

THE FIONA FILES serial is in progress now. Sign up for the newsletter to receive an episode each month of the year. You'll get immediate links to any you've missed.

I've begun this year's serial, THE FIONA FILES, which is going out in the newsletter in monthly segments. If you haven't signed up, you can do so here.Free Serial Here

Fantasy: The By Magic Duet

We've repackaged and retitled these two lush, sexy fantasy romances, and we think they're beautiful. The covers truly match the magical stories they hold now, and I hope you enjoy them. You can read a big fat juicy excerpt on their info page. Just click either cover to get there.


We've given away 3 Kindle Fires so far this year, and we another contest going right now for another!Win Here!


I have a Spanish translation of THE LITTLEST COWBOY and an Italian translation of ETERNITY underway right now, and we'll be releasing those before the year is out.

Kindle Unlimited

We tried KU editions of our entire Texas Brand series. We lost many thousands of dollars in sales. We learned that for us, KU is not an option. So we've decided to just keep our prices as low as we possibly can, keep giving free first in series books away, keep on providing free serials and lots of contests and hope our readers decide we're worth 3 bucks a read.

Coming Up….

My writing plans for the rest of the year are these:

  1. Over the summer I'll be working on OKLAHOMA SUNSHINE and THE FIONA FILES, and I'm going to work at a pace that allows me to enjoy the summer months outside as much as possible. My intended release date for OK SUNSHINE will be sometime in the Fall. Look for fresh new cover art and a video trailer as the summer progresses.

  2. Over the Autumn months, I think I'll be writing the next Brown & de Luca novel, LITTLE GIRL BLUE as well as plumping up the serial novella from last year, THE ONE WHO CRIED WOLF to get that into book form.

My non writing plans are to add a store to this site for special limited editions, autographed copies and boxed sets you won't find anywhere else, along with some merchandise related to the series. Wings in the Night wineglasses, Long Branch Saloon beer steins, Sunny's Bakery coffee mugs, that sort of thing. This is a kernel of an idea in the back of my mind right now, and I might very well have to hire someone to create and manage it for me, but we'll see.

Facebook LIVE

I really really do intend to get back to doing at least weekly FB LIVE broadcasts. It won't be much longer. Promise.Join the Fun on Facebook

That's about it. Or all I can think of at the moment anyway. I hope you're along for the ride, and I look forward to hearing from you about the latest releases and upcoming plans.

Until next time,


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