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Thanksgiving Day

Today my hubby and I will be gathering with our gigantic family for food and fun and love. Our gang has grown so big we rent a venue now, to fit everyone comfortably, and we all bring food and gather there, and talk and laugh and enjoy just being together and inevitably we'll share our gratitude for the good things in our lives and for each other as we bask in each others' company.

The real power of gratitude

There are actual studies out showing that people who consciously express their gratitude on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier, which makes sense. Gratitude reduces stress, which is the core source of most illnesses. Before anything is happening in our bodies, something is happening in our minds.

The law that powers the entire universe is, "Like attracts like." Spend your time focused on what you're worried about and you create more to worry about in your life. Spend your time focused on what you're happy about, and you create more to be happy about in your life.

Everything in existence begins as a thought, a belief, an expectation, before it becomes a physical thing. This is true for big things and small, inventions and conditions, health and money, love and blessings.

A life-changing act to begin today

The easiest and most life-enhancing thing a person can do is keep a gratitude journal. Take a nice blank book and a favorite pen, and before you go to sleep each night, write down everything you can think of from your day that felt good. Everything you feel glad about, relieved about, happy about. Everything that made you feel fulfilled or appreciated or loved or blessed.

Doing this before you sleep changes the chemistry of your brain, and alters your energy. The invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds your body, which some call the aura, but which is a scientifically proven to exist, changes. This field both transmits and receives. It beams out and it attracts. It sends out the signal of who you are to the world, and it brings in signals that match it. Start a gratitude journal today, and just see how different your life is after a few weeks of keeping it. You'll be so thrilled you'll keep it as a permanent part of your practice.

You're near the top of my own gratitude journal

Without readers, what good would storytellers be? You are in the word, storyteller, because one cannot tell a story without someone to hear the story.

So thank you.

Thank you for reading the stories I weave.

Thank you for buying the books and downloading the freebies.

Thank you for telling your fellow story-nerds about them. (Story-nerd is a term of endearment, by the way.)

Thank you for writing Amazon reviews, or BN reviews, or Goodreads reviews, or Apple or Kobo or Google reviews, or reviews in your blog posts.

Thank you for sharing my posts on social media.

Thank you for caring so passionately about your favorite series and campaigning for me to write another book within it. You never let a series die. You keep after me until I produce another book and I appreciate that so much.

Thank you for your letters, and your emails, and your comments.

Being a writer is like playing a symphony to an audience you cannot see or hear. We finish the performance and never hear the applause. Our applause comes in one email, one comment, one review at a time, and each clap means the world to us. To me.

Thank you for sharing the worlds I create. I love making up stories for you.


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