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The Appeal of Holiday Romances

Never fails, my bestsellers every single year are always the holiday romances, so I thought I'd delve into why I think that is. At least, why it is for me. I know why I love them, and I know what I love most about them. Why you love them remains to be seen. (Tell me in Comments!

  1. Because I want to believe in Santa Claus! All my life, my favorite Christmas stories have been the ones where Santa is proven to be real after all. And I cannot believe there's a single adult person who wouldn't give their eye teeth to believe in Santa Claus again. To really believe, like we did when we were kids. So holiday romances where Santa puts in an appearance that cannot be explained are the ones I love best. (Favorite film of this type: MIRACLE ON 34th STREET.)

  2. Because I want to believe in the magic of love! That's no surprise, is it? It's what I've spent my life telling stories about. I like stories where one party or the other is broken or wounded and the power of love heals them. Combining this all powerful force with the magic of the holiday season just thrills me to no end. (Favorite story of this type: The Brands Who Came for Christmas. Yes it's my own, but I love love love it.)

  3. Because I want to believe in miracles! And that's why I have a miracle in every single one of my holiday stories. Christmas is the time for miracles, and in truth, they happen every day. (See GODWINKS, a book by Squire Rushnell where true miracle stories fill every page.) So why not talk about them in fiction too? 

  4. Because sometimes in the midst of the hustle and bustle, I need to escape into a world of holiday magic and love. And truly, what can sweep me away more than a holiday romance? From Thanksgiving until Christmas Day, I am either reading a Christmas romance, or watching one on the Hallmark Channel. There are reasons these stories touch our hearts. 

Here, before the season is over, are two very special holiday releases from the Shayne family.

Buckles, Boots & Mistletoe

Features the debut stories from 3 of my daughters! A total Christmas wish come to true for me. It's only in E right now, but we'll be doing print editions as well as publishing each title individually before next year. And we might even have a couple more stories to add! Also, this kicks off my upcoming Mcintyre Men trilogy (Brands spin-off) and series by each of my daughters! Whoop whoop!

A Brand of Christmas: FREE!

This two-in-one includes Book 1 of my Texas Brand series, The Littlest Cowboy, and Book 1 of my Oklahoma All-Girl Brands series, The Brands Who Came for Christmas. If you haven't read either of these yet, grab them here for free.

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Why do you love holiday romances? What are your favorites? Share below.

Next week: EASY New Year's Resolutions You Will KEEP!

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