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The Powerful Magic of Story, Part 3

And now the final installment in the weird experiences I had during the making of ETERNITY. If you missed the first two, those post are here: Part 1 Part 2

Okay, so there was this writers' conference that I used to attend pretty regularly, held on the East Coast, and I can't remember if it was in Boston or Connecticut. Boston, I think. A bunch of my writing gal-pals and I attended it several times. Early on, we caught wind of a psychic who was setting up in the conference hotel and taking appointments, and so we all booked one.

I'd been working very hard on ETERNITY, but it hadn't yet been released. It was too early

in the process to promote it. But I was filled with its mystical energy and walking on a cloud that kept me about six inches above the floor.

When I walked into the room for my appointment, the woman, whose name I have sadly forgotten, looked up at me and said, “Eternity. Why is the word ‘Eternity' screaming in my head?”

I sat down, stunned, and told her about my book, and all the strange things that had happened to me during its creation.

She told me,

Eternity is not just a book. It's more. It's a ministry. In fact, you have a ministry, and your ministry is through your stories. This is your power, and it's an important one. You can help people. You can uplift, you can enlighten, you can heal and you can spread love and joy through your stories. This is your calling. This is your life's work. Eternity is the strongest example of that, to date. It's an important book and it's message is deeper than even its author knows.

And then she told me to stay away from Salem. Something about a very strong energy that would be opposite my own and would clash with me, and might leave a mark.

I did go to Salem. I've been to Salem many times. I haven't felt any negative repercussions thus far, probably because I didn't visit the actual sites of any of the persecutions or executions, which took place in Danvers, not Salem proper, anyway. I don't know if I would  

feel this alleged clash even if I did. I am quite averse to focusing on the past. I mostly feel that if the past lifetime was still important to us, we'd still be in it. We have left it behind and moved on. This current lifetime is where our attention needs to be.

All that aside, this was the third weird, magical thing that happened to me surrounding the novel ETERNITY, which is currently free on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and GooglePlay in the US, UK, AU, CA, and IN. You can find all those links on my HOME PAGE

Until next weekend, have a great and wonderful week!


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