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Did you see the 60 minutes story on UFOs last night. They call them UAPs for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, which I guess makes it feel less undignified to run with the story. But as my mentor Bill Shakespeare wrote, “a rose by any other name something something it's still freakin' aliens.” 

Apparently there have been a rash of sightings by Air Force pilots of weird aircraft that appear to defy the laws of physics. And the Pentagon says they have much clearer, even more stark footage than what has so far been released. Now why on Earth or the planet Zargos would the Pentagon feel compelled to just blurt that juicy tidbit? It's not like they're known for being honest and forthright and transparent. That's just weird, right? 

There are really only a handful of explanations for this. (But it's freakin' aliens.) The first and most obvious answer being that our government is trying to distract us from something even bigger. Which, if you think about it, is scarier than real visitors from outer space would be. I mean we already have a global pandemic and the opening chapters of Revelations playing out in the Middle East. What is about to unfold that requires an even bigger game of Just look at the flowers?  (That's for my Walking Dead fans.)

I mean, what bigger thing could be coming? Are this year's cicadas going to emerge after 17 years supersized and radioactive? 

Second possibility, it's real.

“The Pentagon now admits there's something out there, and the US Senate wants to know what it is.” That's a quote from the 60 Minutes intro. BTW, you can catch that on demand on YoutubeTV or Hulu Live or here at the 60 Minutes website. I highly recommend you watch it, because freakin' aliens.

The Pentagon is meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee next week to fill them in. That certainly lends credence to the “it's real” theory.

Pilots are reporting that they are seeing these phenomenon “every day for the past two years.” Over restricted air space!. 4 pilots from the SS Nimitz encountered a “giant Tic-Tac” that got up close and mirrored their jet's movements. (Does that count as First Contact?)

I did notice that most of these sightings have been over restricted air space, which is right where you would want your fancy new spy-ship to be if you were Russia or China. That means the US government has to take it seriously, which in turn means they are going to dig into this until they find out that it's not Russia or China, but that it's actually freakin' aliens.

As to why we're hearing about this, I have my theories. I think the information had already leaked or was about to, and they wanted to get out ahead of it so they could spin the narrative. They'd definitely prefer the public to believe it's Vlad the imPutin or Xi Jingping. I don't frankly think Russia has the technology or China the cajones. Maybe it's Besos or Gates. Maybe Elon Musk is bored. (But it's not that. It's freakin' aliens.)

Third Possibility: It's freakin' aliens

The “What if” game is the favorite game of many storytellers. I like to really set aside everything I think I know and let my mind pull up anchor and sail into unexplored territory.   What if it really is visitors from another world?  What would that mean for us?

I believe that fiction is only fiction until enough people believe in it, and then it becomes reality. We are creating our world by living in it. And we've been imagining intelligent aliens for a long time. We've been imagining the humanoid ones who are more like us than not for a lot longer than we've been imagining the squid-like ones who communicate in ink-spatter. So what if there are real people out there who are similar to us and who have not come to steal our resources or take over our world or destroy us for blocking their view of Saturn?

What if they are just explorers traveling the cosmos to explore strange, new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no Pytherapod has gone before?  What If they come in peace, to share knowledge? Maybe they're hoping we can help them solve some of their problems as much as we're hoping they can help us solve some of course.

Can you imagine the new stories such a reality will inspire? Because fiction always has to go farther than reality. It has to be like reality supersized. So if our reality becomes something so wild, our imaginations are going to have to expand and stretch themselves into realms we have never even …. er …. imagined! What kind of fun might it be to just spin a new vision of what life here on Earth would be like? If the UN were the Federation. If we were visiting and interacting with people from other worlds on a regular basis, and learning that underneath our skin or scales, we are the same?

That would be so cool!

I've got a book for that….

My fictional take on it all is the stand-alone paranormal romance, STAR GAZER. Click below for all the details.

Stargazer meme
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