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What’s in Store for 2015!

I have a lot of exciting projects lined up for 2015 and I couldn't wait a minute longer to tell you all about them.

The Rhiannon Chronicles

This year, I'll be publishing a serial novel, one chapter at a time, in my newsletter and best of all, it'll be absolutely free to my subscribers. Rhiannon tells the story of all that's going on with her, Roland, The Offspring, and other beloved characters after the end of Twilight Guardians. It'll read just like a novel, and when it's all done, I might very well publish it as one. But you will have already read it for free by then. This will begin with the February issue of my newsletter. You can subscribe by using the form just below.

Twilight Vengeance Release Date Set

That's the title I gave for Devlin's book when I teased it at the end of Twilight Guardians. However, I'm not in love with it, so it might change a little. Still, this will be Devlin's story, and I started work on it yesterday. It will be released on August 4th, 2015. I'll have cover art and the final title, along with pre-order links coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Brown and de Luca Return in Little Girl Blue

And this time, they'll be investigating murders in the small Finger Lakes town of Dilmun, which you might recall as the setting for my most popular thriller ever, Gingerbread Man. Moreover, one of the major characters from that story will be a major character in this one. (Hint: it's not Holly or Vince, though they'll make an appearance.) An the most beloved character of Gingerbread Man will also be a constant presence. It's sort of a mashup. We're looking at an October release for this book, but I don't want to set anything in stone until a few months from now.

Brand Family Fans, Rejoice!

There will be another Brand book in time for the holidays. Sort of. We'll actually be beginning the spinoff trilogy featuring the McIntyre boys you met in Sweet Vidalia Brand. You know, Bobby Joe's sons; Jason, Robert, and Joseph. And if all goes as planned, the first of those will be ready for holiday release, and of course,  it'll be another Christmas story.

Those are my writing plans for this year. I hope you'll come along for the ride!

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