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Wings in the Night: Death and Rebirth

Wings in the Night has returned to me! After all these years, Harper Collins has agreed to revert rights to the entire series to me legally, and I am celebrating having full ownership of these stories back in my hands again. I appreciate, so deeply and sincerely, those who helped me birth this series and raised it, really, with me. My editors, Melissa Senate and Leslie Wainger and the whole team at Silhouette IM and Shadows, and later at Mira where the series evolved, and on and on ever since.

What this means for readers

Wings in the Night is going into the vault, but only for a little while. The ebook editions published by Harlequin will no longer be on sale and no more will be printed by them. However, copies already in print can still be sold until they are gone. Old, out of print paperback editions will still be on sale at my Paperback Shop throughout this entire transition.

What this means for me

I get to dive back into this series and live inside it again for a little while. Each title will need to be scanned, formatted, and proofread. My daughter Jessica will handle the scanning and formatting, and I'll proof them myself to get any scanner errors before we put them back on sale, which we will be doing as quickly as we possibly can.

But while we are eager, we also want to give them the treatment they deserve. These releases will be special editions, with covers that do them justice. The publishers have always given this series incredible cover art, and we will do no less. We want to have paperback and hardcover editions that are truly collectible. There will be new material included with each release, though we're still in discussions as to what form that will take.

What's staying the same?

These are very sexy stories, and the earliest ones are written in an almost formal style, that just felt like the classic vampire voice to me, and suited the age and culture from which the characters had come. My style relaxed with succeeding books and I think as I developed my own voice.

These stories were part of the birth of the genre of paranormal romance. I don't want to change them. So as I proofread, I'm changing almost nothing. Here and there I find a scanner error, or a typo that slipped past us all the first time. In a couple of the books there are errors in the storyline, like this one spot where Rhiannon meets Roland's eyes in a mirror--that I will have the chance to fix now. It's been bothering me since 1995. And there's a date that's wrong in another one that I would fix. But honestly, aside from that, I'm just proofreading and applying a layer of polish, as I would any of my books right before release.

I want these stories to stay pure. They represent my birth, really, as an author. In 1992, I had written Twilight Phantasies and submitted it to a brand new line, Silhouette Shadows. It was rejected but with a request for revisions. While I did those revisions, I submitted another story, Recklesss Angel, which the publisher bought and published. When the revisions were done a month later, they also bought Twilight Phantasies. So while Reckless Angel was technically my first published novel, in my heart, Twilight Phantasies, which released a month later, was truly my first.

There are titles in this series from every single stage of my career, from the very beginning, to the present day. It's a big part of my life, this series, and I think it will be right up to the end and maybe further.

Wings in the Night is having a death and rebirth

The series will be unavailable in ebook, possibly for a couple of months, with print copies selling until they run out, and out-of-print paperbacks in my shop. The two-woman crew of Jessie and I will give them the royal treatment. Think Dorothy and the gang in the salon at Oz, getting all prettied up to see the Wizard. (And I just realized why I woke with THAT song in my head! Snip snip here, snip snip there and a couple of tra-la-las!)

The re-launch of the series is still in the planning stages, and we'll have more on that soon. I just wanted you to know why the series has gone dark. It won't be for long, I promise.

For right now, if you're a fan of this series, celebrate with me that my baby has come back home to me and will get a brand new level of TLC from here on.

I have other big news brewing, but it's going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Love you all!

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