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Original first edition mass market paperback

Silhouette Intimate Momets #1000

249 pages

Texas Brand Series, Book 7

New edtions are titled: Texas Angel


The pages are slightly yellowing, but these are unread and untouched copies.


The Taming of the Bad Boy

Jake Nash had hoed his reputation would send her running right out of the bayou, because he knew dan well that a hardened ex-con like himself was the last thing a sweet little schoolteacher like Sara Brand needed.


But she did need him. She needed him to ease the haunting meories and to keep her safe from the killer shadowing her. She needed the bad boy to be her hero. And he needed her, too–to show him that it didn't matter how bad he thought he was...because they would be oh, so good together.


Angel Meets the Badman

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