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BROKEN SILENCE is a stunning launch to a series about genetically engineered siblings. I adored the premise of this series, and I was so pleased to be invited to write one of the three short novels that would launch this series. The others were the fabulous Eileen Wilks and equally amazing Anne Marie Winston. ALL 3 stories are in this volume.


Planned as a 12-book series, Family Secrets stretched into more than 20 books, all released in 2003-2004.


We had so much fun with this series! It was really cutting edge at the time. Paranormal had found its footing in the romance genre, but science fiction was still taking baby steps. 


This volume is a first edition mass market paperback of 379 pages. 

It has the Silhouette logo on the back cover and silver foil embossed on the front. 

It is the launch for the Family Secrets series (2003-2004)


This series is small enough to collect them all in their original editions.


I also wrote the first novel-length book of the series, Enemy Mind, and I have a few copies of that one available as well.

Broken Silence - Family Secrets Series Launch Anthology

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