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Three authors who are also dear friends, MAGGIE SHAYNE, ANNE STUART, JUDITH ARNOLD, teamed up for a holiday anthology like none other, with a Christmas Story, a Hanukkah story, and a Winter Solstice story all set in snowy Crescent Cove, Vermont, all touched by the magic of a little candle shop.


Mass Market Paperback

3 stories

248 pages

Includes Melting Frosty by Maggie Shayne, which has since been re-released as "SOLSTICE" 


From the back cover...


Retrun of the Light by Maggie Shayne 

(Now called "Solstice")

Dori Stewart's six-figure Manhattan job has vanished, and her lover and friends have vanished with it. She's scraping by as a waitress and awaiting the day she can return to New York in triumph. Maybe a ritual on the Winter Solstice can renew her wavering faith. What she needs is just the right candle...and Jason Farrar, an old boyfriend, by her side.


Star Light, Star Bright by Anne Stuart

Angela McKenna is back in Crescent Cove after a painful divorce. As if that isn't enough, she discovers that her secret teenage crush is back in town, hiding from the world. Her Christmas could use some brightening up. Maybe if she bought a special candle...maybe if Brody Jackson was with her...


One for Each Night by Judith Arnold

Alana Ross needs a candle, too, one to fit her late grandmother's antique menorah. Not just any candle will do. For Alana's first Hanukkah open house in Crescent Cove, everything has to be perfect. Maybe that'll make her feel more at home in her new town. It can't hurt. So far, she's managed to alienate Jeffrey Barrett, the only man to show any interest in her, y accusing his uncle–in print–of a crime.


Three women, three candles, three special days



Burning Bright - with Anne Stuart & Judith Arnold

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