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Book one of the Family Secrets series introduced in the spectacular  launch anthology, Broken Silence.


Family Secrets is a Science Fiction Romance series about a group of genetically engineered siblings. Really cutting edge stuff. It was planned as a 12 book series, but I believe there were eventually about 20. 


This is a first edition mass market paperback SF-Romance novel of 245 pages.

The series flash is raised and gives an almost 3 dimensional effect, and there's an image of a photo with a metallic silver frame that gives it motion. The photo is glossy while the rest of the cover art is flat, for an excellent effect.


On the back cover, the heading portion and the bottom portion of text both have a reflective, metallic effect, and the series flash again is glossy. 

The old Silhouette Books logo is here too. 


A really nicely packaged paperback and they're in really nice shape, unread, but printed in 2003, so expect some normal aging.

ENEMY MIND - Family Secrets Series Book 1

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