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The author who helped create the genre sweeps you into a whole new world of paranormal romance! 


An innocent child... 

The research facility that is the subject of whispers and wild speculation burns to the ground. That same night, a little girl is found wandering alone, burned and sooty, wearing a hospital gown and a bracelet identifying her as SUBJECT 92751. 


A lifetime of lies... 

Fiona Fairweather has spent her entire life in the small Scottish town of Foyers on the shores of Loch Ness. But everything changes when she returns home from celebrating college graduation, to find her parents lying on the floor. With her final breaths, her mother tells the truth, that she wasn't born to them, and that the truth about her origins could put her in grave danger. 


A dangerous stranger... 

Quinn Collins arrives from the States to investigate her parents' deaths. Fiona is drawn to him in spite of the threat he represents. Can she trust him? Or has he come to fetch her back into captivity? 


A daring quest for truth... 

To find out who she really is, Fiona risks returning to the US where her parents found her, and accepting a job in the rebuilt facility from which she'd fled as a toddler. She jumps into the lion's den, and Quinn Collins is one of the biggest lions there.


A soul-wrenching discovery... 

DPI only does research on extra-humans, so it makes no sense to Fiona that she was once a "subject" there. But what she learns is almost too shocking to believe, for not only was Fiona born in the DPI, she was made there.


The truth awakens... 

On her 300th full moon, something foreign that's been sleeping inside Fiona all her life, stirs awake and begins to grow strong. Will she fight it, or embrace it? Will it co-exist with her or possess her? And will Quinn Collins keep her secrets, or will he be the instrument of her ultimate destruction?


She lowered her head, and her hair fell down over her face. Her robe slid to the ground and she did, too, just as gracefully. Her body eased into its new shape as if she were made of warm wax. Her fur seemed to be stroked by an invisible brush, growing longer in its wake. She lifted her head and looked at me, a beautiful dark auburn wolf with green eyes. I was stunned. And then I realized, two other wolves flanked me.

~ Fiona: Origins, pg 182


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