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Personalized and Autographed by the Maggie!

Large trade-size paperback edition!


Thirteen little girls are sired by a power-hungry king with delusions of grandeur. His actions are guided by self-serving prophets who crave nothing more than power of their own.

Thirteen little girls are trained to fight, to kill, until only one remains. The survivor will be used as a tool by those in authority, a puppet of her father and his soothsayers. 

But when the boy she loves is torn brutally from her life, Puabi will be used no longer. And so begins her rise to power in one ancient city-state after another. In her quest for vengeance, she will rip the crown from the heads of a corrupt king, and she will steal the immortality from his heart, even though doing so will cost her very soul. 

She is the darkest villain among her kind. 

And yet, there is hope for redemption, even for one as evil as she. The journey she must take in a quest for healing, wholeness, for restoration of her true self, is one that will sweep readers irresistibly into its current. 

This epic novel truly lives up to its predecessors, every one of which won industry awards and rave reviews. 

Set in the splendorous city states of Ur and Lagash where civilization (arguably) began, IMMORTALITY, A DARK WITCH’S EPIC TALE, is the fictional story Queen Puabi of Ur. Puabi was an actual queen, the only Queen on the infamous “King’s List” without “Wife of King __” beside her name. She ruled in the 26th century BCE in ancient Mesopotamia, and many of her grave goods are on display at the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

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IMMORTALITY by Maggie Shayne: Paperback

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