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Original first-edition mass market paperback.

Autographed to you by the author

376 pages


The Nightcap Strangler…

He terrorized a small Vermont town 16 years ago and recently died in prison. Not a single murder in all that time. Until now. Rookie cop Bryan Kendal’s lover is dead in his bed. Strangled. Nightcap’s signature shot glass on the nightstand.


On the opposite coast…

Bryan’s high school girlfriend Dawn knows she’s the only one who can help him. But it will mean facing Bryan for the first time, five years after running away without a word. Worse, it’ll mean facing the demons that chased her across the country to begin with. 


He might never forgive her…

But he has accept her help when the victims start to pile up, and they both know they’re the only ones who can stop it. And they can only do it together. The killer knows it, too. He also knows Dawn is just his type. The kind of girl he’d like to share a nightcap with.

Killing Me Softly

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