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The series I launched has just seen it's 101st book released! See where it all began with this classic, first edition mass market paperback.


FIRST EDITION of the FIRST BOOK of the series. 

Signed by Maggie Shayne and personalized to you. 


*Includes fold-out, tear-away bookmark for The Baby Pursuit by Laurie Page (1999)

249 Pages

*Includes Fortunes Family Tree graphic

*Includes a map of locations

*Includes an ancient Maggie Shayne bio

*Back cover has Silhouette Books logo

(Silhouette later merged into Harlequin, which has since been bought out by Harper-Collins.)

Never read copies from 1999 are in excellent condition for their age. Slight yellowing on outer edges of pages. 


This volume is full of collectible bits, including the ads in the back for as yet unpublished, soon-to-be classics by Rachel Lee, Maria Fararella, and Nora Roberts




MILLION DOLLAR MARRIAGE - Fortune's of Texas Book 1

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