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These two huge, fat, trade sized paperbacks, sold only as a set, contain the entire original Immortals series, which was then called The Immortal High Witches. 




PLEASE NOTE: The final story, "Immortality" a very short novella, has since been completely re-written and expanded into a novel as long as the first three, called IMMORTALITY: A DARK WITCH'S TALE. 


This, however, is the original, 100 page, short short novella on which that ultimate and must-read novel is a part. 


8.5" x 5.5 inches each

Embossed, red foil covers

566 pages and 346 pages respectively

Stunningly beautiful collections.


These are paperbacks, unread, originally printed in 2007. Very good condition.


They arrive personally signed to you. 


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