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This is a big trade-sized paperback with gorgeous cover art, and raised foil lettering. Really nice editions. Includes the first two Wings in the Night novels, Twilight Phantasies, (1993) the very beginning of our series where we meet the vampire Eric Marquand and his Chosen, Tamara Day, innocent and decieved by those she trusts most. 


And Twilight Memories (1994) in which we first meet the Rhiannon, the greatest character I've ever created. Or did I? Rhiannon is quite real to me. 


When I wrote this book, I thought I was creating a bad-ass. By today's standards, she's only medium  bad. Fortunately, Rhiannon has evolved with the series and the times. 


My second and my third novels in this big trade size paperback with excellent cover art. 500 pages plus of the birth of a series that would never die, and a very large part of the birth of a genre.

Twilight Begins - Wings in the Night 1 & 2

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