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"My inspiration has always been Maggie Shayne's WINGS IN THE NIGHT."
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author CHRISTINE FEEHAN


Devlin doesn’t like humans...
Most of them would support the extermination of the entire vampire race. And that’s exactly what will happen, unless his plan to organize a resistance force succeeds.


Eva is the only mortal who ever got under his skin...

She’s haunted him his entire life. He senses when she’s in trouble, is drawn to her by energies he cannot understand.


Eva is a thrill seeker...

She makes a hefty living writing about her adventures. Now, she wants to walk with vampires, to live among them. The book she’ll write afterward will be the work of a lifetime, and will help establish peace between the races.

Education, enlightenment, understanding–these are the ways to end the current climate of fear and violence.

Devlin is determined to visit destruction on humans
Eva is determined to stop him...

Even if it means betraying the powerful passion that burns between them, and the feelings underneath, feelings so explosive, she's afraid to plumb them too deeply.


Now, anti-vampire forces have taken captives

Two young mutants Devlin is sworn to protect, and Eva’s own peacenik father.


Eva and Devlin must find common ground to save innocent lives, and to prevent the annihilation of a species. Maybe his, or maybe her own.


And in such close proximity, with so much at stake, the feelings they've been fighting, reach the boiling point.


Trade Paperback edition

294 pps.

8" x 5"

ISBN: 9781515353430



Twilight Vendetta - Original First Edition Cover

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