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All three of the original mass market paperback editions, signed & personalizd to order. These are not available in print any longer. 


Demon's Kiss, Lover's Bite and Angel's Pain were intended to be a subset, a series within a series, because Wings in the Night was getting so huge, the publisher wanted a smaller bite to bring in new readers. Therefore, these three can be read entirely separate from the rest of the series, and enjoyed completely. (But once you enjoy them, you're going to want the rest.)


Be sure to tell me how to sign these collectible editions below.


Here are the cover blurbs:





Vixen is unlike any other vampire. A fox shapeshifter who was turned
while in human form, she's a valuable curiosity to the rogue vampires
holding her captive. When she's rescued by Seth, himself only newly
turned, she's grateful but uninterested in staying to help him and his
friends on their mission to eradicate the rogues. All she wants is to
run free, to assume her fox form and revel in her wildness.

But Seth can't stop thinking about her, and despite herself, she can't
stop thinking about him. Soon she finds herself allied with Seth and
the others to take down Gregor, the vicious rogue leader. But with a
potential traitor in their midst and Seth unaware of her animal
alter-ego, the dangers facing her, body and soul, may be more than
this wild child and her heart can take.



Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Before she joined Reaper in hunting Gregor's gang of rogue bloodsuckers, privileged princess Topaz was gunning for just one vamp: Jack Hart. The gorgeous con man had charmed his way into her bed, her heart and her bank account, taking her for half a million dollars and vanishing without a word.

Now she and Jack--maddeningly attractive as ever--are supposedly on the same side.

As Reaper's ragtag outfit scatters, Topaz sets out to solve a mystery that's plagued her all her lives, mortal and immortal: what really happened to her movie-star mother, who died when Topaz was just a baby? With four men claiming to be her father, why has she always been alone? And what stake does Jack have in discovering the truth about her past?


Topaz is sure he's up to something--but her suspicions are at war with her desires.



Vengeance will be hers…

Briar is driven by only one thing: her need for vengeance on Gregor, the rogue vampire who turned her, then betrayed and brutalized her. To make that happen, she joins Reaper, himself a renegade vampire, and his gang of misfits, who are also on Gregor’s trail.

A loner by nature, she tells herself she’s only with them until she can destroy Gregor, and then she’ll be gone. But she hadn’t counted on the way the gang feels like family, the way they need her to complete their circle. And she definitely hasn’t counted on the way Reaper, the charismatic vamp who holds them all together, needs her—much less the way she has come to need him.

Wings in the Night Trilogy

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