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"I am hooked on this series!!! I’ve read 3 in a row with me charging my phone while reading. I’ve read just about everything Maggie Shayne has written. Her books are always so captivating!!! I would recommend this book to everyone!!!!"  

–Amazon Reviewer

Brown and de Luca 6
A Short Novel

Hey, I’m Rachel de Luca, bona fide self-help guru with a potty mouth and an attitude.

I also have the hottest detective in the universe attached to my proverbial–and, okay, wider than I’d like–hip. I got his 2 nephews with the package and I couldn’t love Jeremy and Josh more if I was their mother, which I’m way too young to be. 

That’s a lie, Rache. They’re twelve and eighteen. You’re thirty–


Don’t interrupt, Inner BItch, I’m on a roll.

I also have my amazing bulldog, Myrtle. I understand her. She’s blind like I used to be.

And I got a little something extra with my cornea transplant but don’t you dare call me psychic.

Now, one of Josh’s sixth-going-into-seventh-grade pals has been kidnapped. What a time for my antennae to be out of whack!

Even worse, a big celebrity psychic shows up to help the cops find the missing kid. In my town.

Yeah. No.

So there’s all that. But I’m out of room, so…just get the book, and I’ll tell you the rest.

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