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“Maggie Shayne is a wonderful storyteller. Creepy, chilling, and compelling, her entries into the world of the occult are simply spellbinding!”                          NYT Bestselling author 
                                Heather Graham 

Immortals 3

He believed her long dead…
Nidaba, the high priestess he adored, had supposedly died in a fire more than four thousand years ago. But when the the Immortal King Eannatum, now living a quiet life in the modern world as Nathan King, sees her photo in a newspaper, he has to know for sure. 

A broken woman…
He finds the once powerful High Priestess and Witch in a locked mental unit, catatonic and alone. But when he breaks her out, taking her to his peaceful haven determined to make her well again, Nathan doesn’t know that the Dark One who tore them apart long ago is watching, putting his new life, and all those he loves, at terrible risk. 

Scenes from the land of Ancient Sumer are skillfully blended into this contemporary novel.

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