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A dark, enthralling brew of love, danger and perilous fate.”

              ~NY Times Bestselling Author

                             Jayne Anne Krentz

Immortals 2

By dark of night and shining moon…
Arianna, shovels earth from the center of an ancient and crumbling stone circle in her Scottish homeland. Five centuries ago, she buried her new husband here when an Immortal High Witch, one of the Dark Ones, took his mighty heart.


But now she’s retrieved it.

Her love's heart still beats…
In the box where it has been imprisoned all this time. She intends to replace it, to bring him back to her. And that he died hating her, blaming her, is just something she’ll worry about later. 

This stunning sequel to ETERNITY takes us back to the 1500s in the Scottish Highland to tell the powerful love story of Arianna and Nicodimus and its tragic end, then sweeps us into the present day, where that ending finds its chance to be re-written, but the evil that tore them apart lurks, waiting for a chance to destroy them both once and for all.

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