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Shayne-Lewis Family Anthology

A Very Special Christmas Collection!

I'm so excited and proud to release this exciting collection of holiday romances from my daughters and me. Let me tell you a little bit more about each of these stories.


Jessica Lewis is my middle daughter. She's married to Ben, a decorated military man who's served for their entire marriage, has had many deployments and has seen a lot of combat. So when she writes a military romance, she knows her subject. She and Ben have four little boys. Jessica is writing a series, The Wakefield Warriors. Her story in this anthology will also be available individually, and that cover is the one you see here. Some might know Jessie from her business, the Authors Lifesaver.

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Jessica and Ben's wedding day

A chance encounter, a one-night-stand, and an unexpected pregnancy result in a Christmas Allie will never forget, when her military brother comes home from Afghanistan for Christmas with his best pal, the man Allie never expected to see again–her baby's father, only days before her due date!


My fourth born daughter MIRANDA SHAYNE arrives on the scene with her very first love story, FINDING CHRISTMAS, which will launch her western romance series, OKLAHOMA ANGELS. Miranda is a nurse, a quality care director, and a nursing teacher, happily married to her own cowboy and expecting her very first baby in January!


Miranda and hubby Chris

In Finding Christmas, a humbug trucker finds himself stranded in the most Christmassy town he's ever seen, and falling for the most Christmassy woman he's ever met. Carlie can't explain her attraction to the stranger. He seems to dislike everything about her beloved town and favorite holiday. But soon she learns it's a wounded heart behind his Scroogie attitude and sets out to heal it.


My youngest daughter RIVER SHAYNE has penned A HERO FOR HANNAH, in which artist and comic book nerd, Hannah and teenage Cora, whose adoption is nearly final, are running for their lives with killers on their trail. When they wind up in Big Falls Oklahoma, they are forced to accept help from a man too kind and too handsome to be for real.

Can Hannah learn to trust, when life has taught her not to? Will she learn it in time to save her daughter–in time to save her own life?


River Shayne at Comic-Con 2015

River is a psychiatric nurse and a roller derby athlete, and she's planning at least one sequel to this fabulous story!



Maggie Shayne and Jena O'Connor

This entire series was edited and truly made possible by my oldest daughter, Jena O'Connor, of Practical Proofing. She worked as hard as any of us on this volume, maybe harder!

If I have my way, she and third born Katie will each add stories to this collection in time for the 2016 holiday season!





Maggie's Magnificent 5: Miranda, River, Katie, Jessica, Jena

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