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The Brand Family: An Update

Here's what's up with The Brand Family!

The entire nine-book Texas Brand Series is now available in ebook formats at Amazon (worldwide,) iTunes, GooglePlay, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

We are now hard at work re-packaging, editing and proofing the six-book Oklahoma Brand Series. Book 1 of that series, THE BRANDS WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS, is up at all ebook outlets now. Book 2 is in progress. We'll continue releasing one Brand book per week until we have all six uploaded and available for sale in e.

Book Six of the Oklahoma Brands Series, SWEET VIDALIA BRAND, is a brand new (pardon the pun) short novel. I'm writing the final draft this week and it should be up by December 1.

We will be adding print editions of every single one of the Brand books just as soon as we finish getting the ebook versions uploaded. That will be our top task for December.

All available links for the Texas and Oklahoma Brands are going onto The Brand Family Page on this site as soon as they are live. Check back often to see the latest additions!


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